Embracing my inner hippie

I’ve got a secret for you guys.

But you have to promise that what I’m about to say won’t make you dislike me.

Or think I’m gross.

Because I’m totally not!

Y’all, I’ve embraced my inner hippie. Sure, I already have hippie-like tenancies but I’ve kicked it up a notch.


I haven’t shampooed my hair in over 4 weeks. Seriously. On top of that, I haven’t used any  hair product or conditioner, either.

Stop judging! I’m not gross!

See, I had been having flat, frizzy hair that was lacking major body. Sure, it may have to do with the fact that I haven’t had it professionally serviced since I was 4 months pregnant with Maelie. (Professionally serviced. That sounds so much more naughty than I intended.) But I fully believe that my hair was just plain pissed off at me. I mean, think about it. Every few days (that’s how often I used to shampoo) I’d strip it of all it’s natural oils and leave it weak and sad. (Again, there could be another naughty joke here. When you’re on, you’re on.)

I remembered Carly telling me once about a mutual friend of ours from high school who had stopped shampooing her hair. And I clearly remember thinking immediately after hearing this that she, indeed, had fantastic hair.

So I messaged her and she told me how wonderful it is and how her hair has never been better. And all she did was nothing? Sounded too good to be true.

I did some research and found a shampoo and conditioner substitute consisting of water mixed with baking soda and diluted apple cider vinegar. According to the many other blogs I read about this, I was supposed to wash my hair with my makeshift shampoo and conditioner every few days, with just plain water rinses in between. I was also told that I’d go through a ‘rebellion’ phase where my hair is a greasy, nasty mess because my body was trying to find it’s natural oil need.

To get all scientific on y’all, when you shampoo, you strip the oil from your hair. So, in return, your body makes more oil than one would naturally need – thus the need to shampoo as often as most do. When you stop shampooing, your body says WTF? and continues to pump out the oil in anticipation thinking you’re toying with it’s emotions.

Toy not, hair. I’m really not hurting you any longer!

So, naturally there are questions.
1. Am I gross now?
No. I shower and everything.

2. Does my hair smell?
No. In fact according to my husband and kids, my hair smells like nothing.

3. But you use apple cider vinegar! Vinegar smells gross.
Yes it does. But my hair, in fact does not. Once it’s dry, the smell is gone.

4. Is your hair better or worse?
I’ve noticed a huge difference. It feels heavier – in that, it doesn’t feel flimsy and frizzy. Also – it’s not frizzy anymore. Plus, I don’t need hair product. And for someone with curly hair, that’s saying a lot.

5. Will you ever use shampoo again?
Not unless someone held a gun to my head and forced me to. I’m loving the minimalness of it all.

6. Did you go through a gross, greasy phase?
It wasn’t as bad as I expected, to be honest.

7. Has this been life changing?
It’s hair. It’s not life.

So there you have it. I don’t shampoo my hair anymore. I’d recommend it, if you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t tried. Honestly, if you can get through the transition phase and really stick with it, it’s worth it.

I’m not saying I have the world’s greatest hair, because, let’s get real. I let my hair air dry and I’m not even sure if my blow dryer even works anymore. Plus I typically keep my hair pulled back because Maelie enjoys yanking my hair out whilst shrieking. Apparently it’s hilarious!

But – even having your hair pulled back still needs to look good, right?

So…what hippie like thing do y’all do? Be honest!


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  1. Whatever works! You’re still gorgeous.

  2. Part of me would like to try this, but my hair is short and on the thicker side and it actually likes shampoo. When I don’t shampoo every other day, I look like I stuck my head in the deep fryer at McDonalds.

    This post also made me realize I have absolutely zero hippie tendencies. I am materialized to the point of no return. I do have several blisters on each foot that no longer faze me and I tell the people who do my pedicures to NEVER EVER TOUCH MY CALLUSES. Does that count? : )

    • Oh this made me laugh so hard. My hair used to be so greasy after only a day but the more I trained it and washed it less and less the more it got easier to not shampoo. So I’m sure that if I went from shampooing daily to not at all I’d be right in line with you at the McDonald’s fryer. Honestly though it really has been worth the ick.

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  3. “Plus I typically keep my hair pulled back because Maelie enjoys yanking my hair out whilst shrieking. Apparently it’s hilarious!” Same thing in our house.

    Also, like I told you, I stopped using shampoo and soaps with sulfates in them because they dry out my hair and skin. When I stopped using them I didn’t have any dandruff problems anymore. I also only wash my hair every few days and it seems to like it that way.

    • The kids’ shampoo is the same way, as is their body wash. We only wash the kids’ hair once a week, maybe, and I’ve been considering just stopping all together. Claire has some great hair, but after I wash it with shampoo, it gets all separated and gross looking.

  4. I’ve cut way back – from every day to 2-3 times a week. I’m considering jumping in, but I have thin hair … I think that makes a difference. And so do bangs – it’s much harder to deal with greasy bangs, I think.

    • My friend who has been doing this for years has bangs, too. She washes those separately and more often with the baking soda combination. Seems to work for her. Also – I have very thin hair. It’s been giving me more body, it’s amazing!

  5. Funny–another friend was posting about this on Facebook just yesterday.

    I LIKE the idea of living shampoo-free, but I really don’t think I have the wherewithal to deal with the weeks of extra-greasy hair. I also have fine hair that’s happy to be shampooed twice every time I shower, but I wonder if all of the shampooing is actually making it oilier.

    I recently started using Burt’s Bees Baby Bee shampoo and Johnson & Johnson Natural baby shampoo, both of which are 98% natural, so I hope that’s taking a small step to do something right for my head.

    Anyway, good on you! It looks great, and I would’ve never known.

    • It could be, Ett. Personally I was worried about the curls but they haven’t taken a beating yet. I say ease yourself into shampooing less and see what happens.

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  6. I’ve been toying with the idea of going shampoo-free for a while, but I don’t know anyone who’s personally done it yet, so I was hesitant to commit to it. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m going to go for it!

  7. I have seen something about this before and I would love to try it. But I don’t know how I’ll ever get over the initial rebellion phase. I wash my hair every morning. If I don’t my hair looks darker and oilier. I do, also love when my hair smells good. 🙂 But if I could get past a few days of oily hair I could try it. But honestly, just to wash it every other day bothers me like crazy. What can I do? Start washing every other day with the concoction to use less shampoo? And then try to phase it out?

    • I think if you just slowly started to shampoo less over a long period of time, you’d get it fine. See, I stopped washing my hair daily about a year ago. And then I went from every other day to a few times a week, to weekly. And for someone who works out like I do, I still don’t have gross hair.

      I hear you about the fruity smelling hair, but honestly, I think the good smells go away once your hair is dried and such. But that may be just me. You could always wear a fruity perfume? I don’t know.

      • I used Dove and now Pantene and neither are really fruity but I can still smell the shampoo throughout the day. I love that. But I would love to wash less and the best way to do that is to try what you did! Can you start out washing with the baking soda/ vinegar right away since I don’t think I could last a day or two without getting the extra oils out?

      • Just remember – the baking soda dries up the oils the ACV brings acidity back to the scalp. I’ve heard of people dropping the shampoo and only using conditioner along with the baking soda/ACV deal. You need the vinegar to balance out what the baking soda takes away. But I’m sure if you used a good smelling conditioner, it would be a happy medium.

  8. I wanted to do this for such a long time! I have been reading and researching and everything for more than six months now… For the last weeks I already tried to make longer pauses between the washing and/or use more rassoul powder than shampoo, but reading your post made me think “Heck, why not?” So today I tried the baking soda/apple vinegar rinse (already had bought everything, just never managed to get my a… into gear) and I’m quite satisfied. I’ll see how it goes and if it is not for me, at least I have tried it!

    So thanks for giving me the last push I needed!


    • Hey, you’re welcome! The pictures I posted, of course, don’t really do me justice…but it was late at night and I figured, I needed a photo of me with my hair down.

      Please let me know how it works for you! I feel like I’m in a secret club now, it’s weird!

  9. I did the no shampoo thing for awhile a few years ago and also had a positive experience. Then we went on vacation and something about the water where we were made my hair super gross, so I ended up falling off the wagon and using shampoo again. Now I use shampoo bars, which I absolutely swear by…my hair has never had more body and it stays clean so much longer than when I used to use regular shampoo. If anyone’s looking to baby-step it to no longer using shampoo, try this stuff out:


  10. That’s awesome! I read this book a few years ago (and loved it), and the hairstylist who wrote it HIGHLY recommends that people with wavy and curly hair go shampoo-less.

    My hippie-like habits are that I only wash my hair once or twice a week and heat-style it as little as possible, in part to save electricity.

  11. Because of all the coloring I do, I try to only wash my hair every other day otherwise the color doesn’t last as long. However, I always condition it because it helps the color stay put. I also use product, so I absolutely need to wash it out every day when I shower. However, I don’t worry about my hair’s quality because it’s so dang short. It’s rare that I ever have unhealthy or unhappy hair because I’m constantly cutting it.

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