instagram…you got me.

Just the other day, Katie Ett and I were saying how instagram type photos are so over done these days, yet I find myself playing with instagram like it’s going out of style.

I didn’t judge others who used it, in fact, I thought their photos looked pretty neat. But, instagram is just snapshots of life. Not, say a wedding or a family portrait. It’s just taking a simple cellphone photo and making it actually look decent enough to possibly save. Because, let’s get real here, cellphones don’t take the best photos.

Perhaps it’s because it makes me look OK even when I don’t have make up on. (I totally love how Mae looks like she’s deep in thought.)

And it captures Claire’s pride in a simple, vintage style –

Or after bath time fun –

Plus when I have snuggles with the little dude –

Or Maelie attacking Luca’s head –

Or getting my hairs did (because we all know we look horrible in front of the giant mirror and florescent lights) –

And it made the doctor’s office look cool –

Darn you instagram, for I am a convert. Though – our original conversation stated how we wouldn’t have every single one of our wedding photos or family portraits be like this. Because, well, it’s a fad. And photos like that should try to be timeless.

This is having fun with a cellphone.

I mean – I can’t help but think how much cooler this photo would have looked with the Amaro setting.



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Okay, I’m commenting from my phone, and the autocomplete has my name listed as this. “Your Biggest Food Blog Fan”? Was I high the last time I commented here from my phone?

    So yeah, these do look cool. And the greatest part is that you can also take photos with your DSLR and run them through Photoshop and end up with high-quality instagram-like photos that you can actually save for life. Maybe I’m a snob, but I look forward to the day these instagram-addicts look back and realize they have only 70s-looking pictures of their lives.

    The one of the four of you is really, really cute, though.

  2. When I finally get an iphone next month… I can’t wait for this app! I see so many people using it. Love your pictures!

  3. Hmm. I have an iPhone but not this app. It’s an app, right? Let’s just face it, taking pictures is fun! And as long as you’re taking pictures of babies, in imho any picture is a good picture – and that is why I will never be a photographer just a picture taker. 🙂

  4. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    You KNOW how much I love Instagram. Well, mainly I like not having to carry my DSLR all over the place. And yet I can still feel like a snotty, pretentious photographer making “art.”

    • You’re funny. It just can’t really be used to frame, because it tends to be pixilated. Or perhaps it’s just mine. That’s one thing the iPhone needs to improve is their camera. My Droid did so much better.

  5. I’ve only used it twice and then sort of forgot about it/ got distracted. But it’s fun! And I love the thoughtful Mae photo.

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