Day before Thanksgiving Halloween.

Halloween came and went and I didn’t get to go trick or treating with Maelie. She was tired, teething, cranky and it was raining. In the world of parenting this equals hells to the no. That said, she never got to wear her costume! Personally, this is something I couldn’t live with. But me being me kept putting it off.


But lame no longer! I put her in that costume after a nice nap and some good lunch when her spirits were highest.

And she loved it. Well, as much as a nine month old stuffed into a pink monster costume could be. Not to mention that her hands were covered with monster claws. But she didn’t fuss!

Of course, since there was dressing up involved, Claire got in the action.

As soon as I took the picture, she says to me, “Mommy, you should draw that!”

I totally should.

One of Maelie’s favorite things to do is look out the window. Sure, her little legs aren’t nearly long enough for her to see as well as one would like, but she gets on her tippy toes and makes it happen.

And of course, Luca just loves monsters and Maelies, so that deserves a kiss.

Being in costume leads to many conversations. Mostly it consisted of Mae doing her happy growl and Claire hissing, pretending to be a kitty.

Luca decided that he was above having his picture taken, and so this is what I get – a shot of his cute little tongue and my nostrils. Fabulous.

And then Claire gets a fabulous idea to have us all pile on my lap and do a self portrait. Only thing is that my arms aren’t nearly long enough to accomplish such a feat.

But we tried.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’ll be up early running the Turkey Trot five miler at 9 and then off to Ohio for some food, food and more food.

I’m bringing the salad.

And rolls.

And I’m eating everything.



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    Oh my God.

    MUST. Have. That. Costume!

    From whence did it come?!

    Miss Maelie Moo is the cutest monster who ever stomped and stalked the face of the earth.

  2. absolutely adorable. what a fun mom you are. Happy Thanksgiving – eat up!

  3. Love Thanksgiving Halloween. Only downside is that it might make Thanksgiving rather anti-climatic. If I could, I’d totally rock a costume today. Probably a drunk pilgrim.

  4. Um, that picture of Claire is a masterpiece. I vote for drawing it, too.

    Since Mae is the one closest to the camera, you should train her to hold it and push the button for your family self-portraits. Forget reciting ABCs at 2 years old and whatnot; this would be way more impressive.

    I can’t believe Mae was actually willing to stay in costume like this! Unless, of course, these pictures took place over the course of two minutes before she started pitching a fit.

    • I did get Mae a play camera for Christmas. Perhaps she can get on with the show and make our self portraits better.

      She loved it! She stayed in it for well over 30 minutes, but I had to take it off because she began to overheat.

  5. Am looking forward to the pictures from February when all the kids are dressed like elves.

  6. That picture of Mae and Claire having a conversation is the best! I love that costume!

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