Sunday Thanksgiving – the time Mae slept in a laundry basket.

Thanksgiving. It’s so simple when you’re 10 and your parents tell you where to go. But then you grow up and get married and then it’s not so easy.

When Matt and I married, we made a pact that we’d not spend our holidays driving between families. But, how to make it fair?

Christmas was simple. His family has always celebrated Christmas Eve together and my family has always celebrated Christmas day together. Easy.

But Thanksgiving wasn’t so easy. When I worked full time and even part time, I was required to work Thanksgiving every other year, too. Plus his brother does the every other Thanksgiving between his wife’s family and ours. We always tried to get as much family together at one time as possible. So complicated.

My Mom’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. So there’s just no way we could go without even pretending to celebrate it, even if it wasn’t on a Thursday.

Thus, Sunday Thanksgiving.

There, of course, are constants with our Thanksgiving, regardless of the day. Those would be turkey, *party potatoes, rolls, stuffing and green beans.

We also play games with this year being Apples to Apples.

Maelie felt it important to eat a card. I tried telling her it wasn’t actually an apple.

Also, we did our traditional olive eyes photo:

Claire is still grasping the concept and Luca eats the olives before we get a picture taken. (We’ve been doing olive eyes photos since I was 4ish. I remember it clearly, I grabbed some olives, and Carly and my Aunt Emily did it, too and it’s been a tradition ever since.)

The rest, well, we never know.

This year, we had wigs.

Pink wigs…


And 70’s style cop wigs.

Maelie played DJ and Luca and Claire did some break dancing.

Maelie got stuck inside the kitty’s scratching post:

And I admired my artwork on the wall:

When Maelie became tired, we realized we didn’t have anywhere to put her since we were at Carly’s house, so I got the novel idea to have her sleep in a laundry basket lined with a pillow for her comfort.

Don’t judge. It worked.

After the kids ran around chasing the kitty, we ate dessert, cleaned up and felt full.

I’m thankful for so very many things. For completing my first half marathon, for avoiding postpartum depression. For having the chance to meet some friends who are so near and dear to my heart (especially for g chatting with Jessica on any given day and feeling like I’m not so far away.) For my beautiful family – especially Miss Mae on her first Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the fact that my family isn’t like any other family on the planet and that we love each other flaws, odd behaviors and all. Mostly, I’m thankful for my dear husband who accepts me for who I am and stands behind me with whatever I feel I need to do. For supporting my drawing and my gym habits and for never telling me I can’t.

I am simply thankful.

*Party potatoes are amazing. Mashed potatoes with equal parts cream cheese and sour cream, then baked in the oven with a butter top.  (Though, truth be told, I typically double the cream cheese. Clearly, it’s more of a dairy product than a starch.)

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  1. In our family, it’s Olive Fingers, started by my little sister. Then you get to eat 5 instead of just 2.

    The laundry basket seems like a perfect idea for baby sleeping. Handles!

    So what do vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving? Please don’t tell me you make a turkey out of tofu or wheat bread or something…

  2. I am so thankful for YOU and your beautiful family. It was funny, I was just thinking last night that I hadn’t talked to you in a while and you popped up in g-chat! ESP, I tell you.

    P.s. Tell Matt that mullet is HOT.

    P.s.s. Those olive eyes remind me so much of the button eyes in Coraline.

  3. I just watched an episode of “Law & Order” this morning before work where the couple’s baby dies of SIDS and they put his body in a cooler before they drive him out to an island and bury him so the cops won’t find him, thinking that they’ve killed him. And the gay guy who was going to rent them an apartment in NYC says you can just put babies in laundry baskets when no crib’s available.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Finding a way to make it to all of our stops was our hardest challenge our first year of marriage. And the first two holiday’s turned out completely miserable for us. Thanksgiving I have to go 3 places and 4 on Christmas. It is super hard because no one does Christmas Eve or will do Thanksgiving on a different day. All of his family and all of mine only go to one place on Thanksgiving and we’re the only ones that have to go to 3-4. So it is super hard but we found what works for us, even if we end up separated at some point in the day – it’s what works for us and keeps us sane! But I sure miss those childhood days when it all was so much easier. Both of my grandparents made it as easy as possible for my parents. There were never any – need to be in 2 places at once kind of thing.

  5. That photo of Miss Moo stuck in the cat’s scratching post is classic. Luca trying to remove it is even better. Free chiropractic adjustment!

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