Yes, I was that kid

I got a text from Carly, not 5 minutes ago with a picture and text saying…well, here. Just look for yourself:

Let’s get a close up, shall we?

That’s me.



Third grade on the left, second grade on the right.

Let’s look beyond the fact that I smiled without showing my teeth, shall we? Let’s just get to the guts of it all. Because I know we’re all thinking it here.

I had a mullet. Business up front, party in the back.

And then, since of course, since mullets are SO NOT COOL, I got it all cut off. And then some.

I’d like to think it was a glorified bowl cut.

And my husband, whom I love dearly 98% of the time said, “I never knew I married a man.”

There ya have it, kids. My most embarrassing photos. AND THEY’RE IN YEARBOOKS FOR ALL TO SEE.

Thanks for the reminder, Carly.



About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I see that shoes are not the only things you like in yellow. Still, I think the shots are adorable. The mullet’s better than the bowl cut, though.

    • Oh the bowl cut. It was awful. I had that thing for two years or something and constantly got mistaken for a boy. I guess I could have worn things other than over sized tee shirts, but that’s neither here nor there.

  2. Mullet AND a bowl cut. Now that’s just shameful. Glad that you survived those days.

    Mark had a mullet too… and a rat tail. I just had ridiculously heavy bangs because my mom (thank the Lord) refused to let me get a perm.

  3. I basically still have a mullet, so . . .

    It’s weird how you totally look like yourself, though.

  4. Try having a bowl cut for the first eight years of your life!!!

  5. Yellow! Shoes, clothes… seems to be your color! 🙂

    And on your above comment, my mom had me go get a perm every year for a while. I got so sick of them and didn’t really like them to begin with. I always had bangs until high school and WITH a terrible cow lick! ha .My bangs split to the sides by the end of every day! So glad I got smart and grew them out!

  6. But it says a lot about you that you can still be cute whilst sporting a mullet.

    I had a bowl cut too, by the way. My mom insisted on curling the ends of mine under, though, so I resembled a penis.

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