They say it’s your birth…*cough*

According to Facebook, it’s my birthday.

Last night at 10:30, when Claire woke up screaming about snot, I thought to myself, welp, only an hour and a half left of being 26.

Then at 11:00, when she woke up again, I thought, wow, only an hour!

By 11:30 the screaming and the novelty of aging wore off on me.

By 11:50, I said, CAN I JUST BE 27 ALREADY?!

And then at 1:30 (when I had been awoken every 30 minutes since midnight,) I said, “HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO ME,” played Words with Friends and went to sleep.

Did I mention that all three kids are sick? Oh, and so is Matt.

But me? I’m healthy as a horse. So YAY for that!

I feel so bad that everyone is sick. Especially on my birthday because I really wanted to have lots of fun, full of eating out for lunch, crafts and shenanigans. But, as most things go in life,  it doesn’t go as planned and instead, I’m spending my birthday taking care of three sick kids and a husband. But – Matt, who is in great spirits, keeps yelling at me for doing things on my birthday.

Me: Crap. I’m one cup of flour short for bread.
Matt: Why are you making bread?
Me: Because I want to.

10 minutes later, Matt comes back from next door with a bag of flour.

Matt: Steve says happy birthday. And said you’re crazy for doing anything on your birthday.

Two seconds later, I got a text from Steve saying just the same.

Me: I’m collecting laundry.
Matt: Why are you doing laundry? I’ll do it. *cough, cough, cough*
Me: OK, sure. You can do it.

Five minutes later…

Matt: Why did you start the laundry?
Me: Because I wanted to.

Turns out, I’m having an enjoyable birthday full of irritating my husband. I mean, if an opportunity presents itself…

Last night we went up to my dad’s house (dad #3 for all intensive purposes) for dinner and when we got home, I opened up my birthday gifts from him.

This ^ made me giddy. (My love of David Gray is endless.)

This made me laugh. (And I totally read it to myself last night as Claire woke up 50 times.)

And then this…the best gift ever. I had told Joe that I really wanted dirt from Zambia (when he went to build a house for Habitat for Humanity) and he delivered. It sits next to my bed.

(For those who think that’s super weird that I wanted dirt from another country, just know that when I graduated from basic, I took some dirt from The Pit, and put it in a Gatorade bottle. And I still have it. I’m sentimental that way.)

Then, this morning, since Matt knew I was sad everyone was sick, he let me open a birthday gift early!

It’s a Flip video camera! Since our old one took videos that mainly consisted of orange and green undertones (from being dropped a thousand times) and the cell phone videos just aren’t the same. I’m so excited about that!

So yes. I was born today, 27 years ago. A special shout out to my Mother, without whom this wouldn’t be possible. And also the fancy Hawaiian flowers and probable alcohol that helped aid in my conception.

And despite the fact that everyone is sick and snotty and complaining, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. So goes life and I’m glad to be a part of it.

So, happy birthday to me!



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it’s wonderful despite the less than ideal circumstances…but on the bright side, you get to spend the day with your hubby whereas he may have had to work otherwise? If he had planned to take off work anyway, I hope he changes the day from a vacation day to a sick day so he can take off some other time to spend the day with the family when everyone is well! I still cannot believe you’re so young given how much you have already accomplished in your life! Did I say I hope you have a wonderful day! All the best, Deb

  2. Happy Birthday! And the day is about doing what you want. I can get behind making bread, but laundry not so much. Hope everyone feels better soon. And I’ll bet Mae is as entertaining on video as she is photogenic.

    **big hugs**

  3. This: “And also the fancy Hawaiian flowers and probable alcohol that helped aid in my conception” made me laugh. I’m glad you still have your sense of humor despite the all consuming yuck!

    I hope your birthday still manages to be happy despite the sick. Bake sometime yummy, pour a glass of wine and lock yourself in a quiet room. I’ll pour one up too and you can call me. It will almost be like we’re at the bar together celebrating.

  4. Oh my gosh this post just made me have a freak out moment. Don’t take this the wrong way, but for some reason I assumed you were like at least 30. Well, not just for some reason, but because you have three kids and have your life together. No way did I think we were the same age. I feel like a loser. But this is your day to party, not my day to pity party, so happy birthday to you!

  5. Happy Birthday, dear Cassie.
    Sounds like you’re having some stellar hallucinations and fever dreams for your birthday. You really need to take a moment and slow down. Wine! Get wine!

    In all seriousness, I’m proud to know you… You’re like Super Chick, even if you’re still a snot-nosed kid. I have gym shorts older than you.

    True story.

  6. Happy Birthday Cassie! Sorry everyone is sick-hopefully you can get a nice lunch or dinner out when everyone is feeling better. Hope you have a great birthday- you deserve it!

  7. Happy Birthday. I love David Gray, too. Hope everyone is feeling better and you got to relax a bit. P.S. I am totally jealous that you are 10+ years younger than me.

  8. I love that your male neighbor has flour. But I’m going to assume there’s a woman in the picture who wasn’t mentioned here. Unless he’s gay. Pardon my sexism.

    The Flip is such a great idea. I never seem to use mine, because I’m always carrying my regular camera, but one of my friends used hers while we were in the Hamptons and used the software to make this amazing video collage thing set to music and everything. I look forward to your creations.

    Happy birthday! Stop being so young.

  9. Happy birthday to YOU!

    The burning question here is: What kind of cake did you bake for yourself?

    Oh, c’mon. I know you did.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Has everything cleared up by now?

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