Look into my good eye

At Claire’s 4 year old well child check up, I brought to her doc’s attention the fact that when she’s tired her right eye will turn inward.

She thought it’d be best for her to see a pediatric eye specialist. Just to be safe.

So today was the big day.

Claire was a little nervous, but she’s a really good listener and does well following directions. I knew she’d be OK once we got there – just that she’d be anxious up until the actual appointment. She’s an anticipator of the worst kind.

Her appointment was at Children’s Hospital and knock on wood we haven’t had to go there since they built the new one up in Lawrenceville.

Can I just say that the waiting area is fantastic? It had toys and video games and tvs galore. Not to mention the giant aquarium with tropical fish in the very center.

It really put her mind at ease for sure.

Plus they give you a pager like one you’d see at a restaurant which Claire found to be amusing for 2.2 seconds.

When we got paged back, the receptionist was super nice. And then we went to our room and had a very short wait for the tech to come in and do preliminary tests.

They tested for colorblindness.

They tested for eye strength and vision.

 Then they tested her Beetles knowledge with the Lennon glasses.

Then they dilated her pupils.

She was so very confused by this.

So she proceeded to do what any kid with giant pupils would do…

She explored her surroundings extremely close up.

Then she got nervous for the doctor to come in.

But then she decided it was pretty cool, because she got to watch awful animated movies (one with fish where Will Smith is the voice…horrible,) and get lights shined in her eyes.

Clearly she was tripping.

And then, like that, we were done. The doctor said that he needs to see her again without dilated pupils since when they’re dilated, it makes it more difficult to focus, therefore making her eye do that funky thing even more so.

After we were done and rescheduled for February, we went to the cafeteria and had some lunch. She was having a hard time navigating her way around since, well, she couldn’t see all that great, so it looked a lot like I had her drinking whiskey and asking her to walk a straight line.

Don’t worry. I got my laughs in.

When I called Matt to tell him how it went, he asked me if I thought this was all necessary. He was concerned that we were making a mountain out of an ant hill. So in an effort to prove it to him, I sent him this photo:

Pretty sure I won that argument.

Check back in February to see if she needs glasses. Because I refuse to have a kid who has to say, “Look in my good eye.”

(Note: her eyes only do this once and a while, when she’s tired or trying super hard to focus. I swear, she doesn’t walk around like this all the time. Plus, the dilation made her eyes do this even more so. They were fine up until I asked her to look at my camera a foot in front of her face. Then laughter ensued.)

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  1. Our niece has a lazy eye. They gave her glasses to correct it. When I was starting kindergarten my eyes started to cross a little and they gave me glasses. After a short time.. I was good as new!

    Hopefully she doesn’t need glasses and it will work itself out. But if she does need them at least it should fix the problem.

    • That’s exactly what they said. I’d rather get it fixed and put behind us. I wear glasses, and so I figured at least one kid would need them. I think she’d be pretty cute with glasses, though.

  2. Mine only do that after my third tequila or fourth scotch. Glasses don’t seem to work. So I now drink straight from the bottle. (Ba-boom! See what I did there?)

    Isn’t that hospital is really an amazing place? It’s like a theme park. I want to get my dog in there as a therapy dog. She’d be great with the kids. She only gets crazy when another dog on a leash is nearby. Then, she’s all, “Okay, bitch, let’s do this!”

    I always get a bit sad when I see the helicopters go in and out, which they seem to do all the time. Glad to see that it’s not just terminal children that benefit from the place.

    • He’ll be here all night ladies and gents!

      I would love to have a dog that could be sane enough to be a therapy dog. It’s such a fantastic place – so bright, airy, colorful. Even on today when it was overcast and blah, it was so fun inside. Almost makes me want to change from geriatric nursing to pediatric.

  3. She looks so GROWN UP!

    . . . and then there’s that last picture.

    I hope she becomes the next Thom Yorke.

    • I’m going to assume you mean the awesomeness that is Thom Yorke and not having to have 5 surgeries or something like that and a droopy eye lid.

      But thenagain, after the snarky comment I left you on facebook, I’d allow this to pass.

  4. I love her hair up like that. So cute! But it does sort of make her look more grown up.

    Funny, I hadn’t even read this and I was telling you how worried I was about making a big deal out of nothing with Sarah. But you are so right, better safe than sorry.

    And what a neat hospital!

    • I know. I love putting her hair up because A.) she looks put together and B.) she looks like such a big girl!

      I just wanted to err on the side of caution.

  5. My ex-step-daughter had this problem. Her eye would do it when she was tired, or when she was lost in thought.

    There is a really simple surgery to correct it, if I’m not mistaken, and if it’s the same thing that Claire has. She may not even need glasses which would be even better!

    Good luck!!

  6. Seems like a lot of trouble. Are you sure that a good smack on the left side of her head might straighten that eye out? I bet Luca would do it for you…

    OK, you know I’m kidding. Who could ever smack that cute little head? Hope baby girl is OK…

  7. As someone with one lazy-ish eye, I think it’s good you’re doing this now. If you catch it young, you an often strengthen the weaker eye (if that’s what it is). I for one wish my parents had followed through with advice to make me cover one eye in the evenings – a few annoying hours with an eye patch for awhile when I was a Likud could’ve helped, and it would probably mean fewer headaches for me (literal headaches. Chronically.)

    • Ouch. Yah. I’m hoping to avoid all of that. Matt is now on board with it, but it was a little bit of a push. Rather, it was me saying, “She’s going and that’s all there is to it,” and him saying, “OK.”

      Life is so difficult when you have to negotiate. Gosh.

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