knock on wood and find the baby gate

I’m having a bad morning.

It started out okay enough. I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and got the kids ready to go out. We had a zillion errands to run and had no time to waste between baby naps.

I reached into my bag for my keys.

No keys.

I looked in my purse.

No keys.

Then I racked my brain.


See, yesterday, I went for a run. When I run, I take my keys off the ring and tie my Jeep key on to my shoes. No biggie. However, I left my keys in the Jeep. And the Jeep was on its way downtown with Matt in tow.

Damn it.

Then when I went to sew up one of Mae’s Christmas gifts with the sewing machine, I noticed that the thing that holds the fabric down to the machine was missing. That’s kind of important. Actually, it’s REALLY important.

But, me being stubborn and angry, sewed it anyways. I tried to sew a circle and it looks a lot like a a blind four year old did it.

Mae won’t care, though.

Then I went to look for my jewelry wire because I had promised Liesi I would write up a blog on a knot ring tutorial.

Really hard to take photos when you don’t have the stuff to make it and no car to get more.

But, I’m trying. I’m really trying to calm the heck down and focus. I went outside and got the mail and I finally got some smiles.

First off I got this: 

It’s my ornament made from the roof of the Igloo!

Then I got my annual Christmas card from my dad (#3):

Inside it says, “Peace Out.”

Then Mae made me smile with her latest accomplishment:

So now, while I sit and wait for my bread to be done baking, I’m going to take a giant fork and eat apple pie right out of the pan. Because I can.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Go Mae Mae! And please do at least rig something for a baby gate.

    And what are you making for Mae that’s a circle? I’m curious.

    • It’s a giant pillow chair for her. The other two got those beanbags that they love, but Matt wanted her to have a pillow like that of the papesean chair.

  2. I love that she has her own cheering section. That rocks for those third babies!

  3. Seriously, who the hell loses the foot off her sewing machine?

    I’ll bet that’s the first thing Mae went for with her newfound skills, huh?

  4. Apple pie! I’ve really been wanting some apple pie! 🙂

    Yay Mae!

    And that ornament is awesome!

  5. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    DUDE. SUUUUUCK. But that card rocks pretty hard, I have to say.

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