Claire, a Zamboni driver’s #1 fan

So today we took the kids to Consol Energy Center (where the Penguins play) to watch Pitt vs. RMU. This is a forewarning that I took a crap-ton of photos.

See, for those of you not from Pittsburgh, the Penguins used to play at Melon (or Civic for the old folks *coughbluzcough*) Arena.

Now, they’re slowly ripping it apart, piece by piece and turning the old top into Christmas ornaments. (I got mine!) It’s weird seeing it all rusty.

Anywho, now we have Consol.

Wait, those are just the kids being cute. Here’s Consol:

We’ve been there a few times, mostly from when Matt takes the kids to see the Pens practice at training camp. Inside they have a really cool mosaic that’s made up of photos submitted by Penguins fans and it turned into a tribute to Mario Lemieux.

Then we found or seats. Luca quickly got bored.

But the first period ended and Claire heard the magic word: Zamboni.

I mean, she really, really loves the Zamboni.

She waits for them to wave to her just like normal hockey fans wait to get a fist bump from a player.

Then Matt and Luca started acting…well, like boys.

And we realized it was time to go.

They lasted 2 1/2 periods, which is pretty impressive.


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  1. You’re raising a Zamboni groupie. Unbelievable. Guaranteed, she gets a ride on one before she’s 30. (OK, probably before she’s 13.)

    And I bet everyone seems old when you’re just a snot-nosed kid. (Albeit a bad-assed one.)

  2. Your kids really are so adorable. You can just read the excitement all over Claire’s face!

  3. The Igloo looks like one of those vacant old World’s Fair relics. Kinda sad really. But your kids are adorable. 2 1/2 periods is impressive! I tried to take my little one to a Devils game just after her first birthday. She barely made it past the first period. But just after she turned two we went back to The Rock and she made it through the whole game.

    Here’s to the next generation of hockey fans! 🙂

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