Hi, I’m Cassie and I finally bought pants that fit.

About two months ago, I was feeling great, lookin’ good, fitting in my size 6’s again and loving every minute of it. Then I started taking Body Pump. It’s a fantastic class with weights and lots of reps.  I’m not usually one who steps on the scale, but when my pants stopped fitting, I started to wonder.

I had gained 7 pounds.


Now. I know, I know – muscle weighs more than fat. Blah, blah, blah.

Still. It’s disheartening. Here I am, working my ass off, when in fact, I’m not working anything off. It’s getting bigger. And suddenly, I had no pants.

I’m left with maternity jeans, too huge jeans and jeans that mock me. Like 10 pairs of jeans that mock me.

So I tried to suck it up, wear the huge jeans until the time came when my body balanced out, because I refused to have a muffin top, but today I had had enough. It won’t balance out any time soon.

So I bought jeans that fit. And I’m happy.

In other news, I’ve been busy.

I repainted my ‘master’ bathroom and built a shelf for it.

(YES. I know, I have a lot of lotion. My mind changes from day to day as of what kind I want. So there you go.)

I finally organized my zillions of vitamins and made my dining room not look an unorganized mess.

(Oh, yes. I also know that child proof locks keep your kids from getting into vitamins and dying. Every night, I dole out about 10 vitamins between Matt and I. It’s a pain in the ass to keep it in a cupboard and the kids know not to touch them. Luca tried to open one once and Claire screamed bloody murder and now he’s petrified to even touch them anymore. Plus these jars are mason jars and they self seal. AKA – child proofed but pretty.)

I made ice cream.

I refinanced the Volvo, mopped the floors twice after the damn dog failed to realize that when I asked her to sit it means sit not run away scared and drag mud all through my house.

And I made Claire her very own super special secret reading spot.

It’s not done yet, but I made her a comfy overstuffed pillow to sit on and got her some cute, durable drawers to store things. She’s already filled them up to max capacity. I just have to get her a light for in there and we’re going to paint the walls something fun. Maybe do potato stencils. Who knows. Either way, her closet (that she never used) is now something special for her and it gives me alone time when the other two are napping.

And I’ve been so busy today that I didn’t realize that one of the kids left the deck door open a crack (because of course, they just HAD to touch the snow.) So when I was filling out paperwork and such, my feet were freezing cold and the heat was on nonstop. I thought to myself, wow that’s a draft we have here. I then realized…DUH CASSIE. Door’s open.

It was probably open for at least three hours.

But hey! I have jeans that fit! So…there’s that.

While I’m not big on New Years Resolutions, I do make goals. This year’s goal is to complete the Pittsburgh Marathon and finish it in 4:30:00. Maybe 4:45:o0. Or hell, just finish it.

And maybe fit back into my old jeans again. That’d be fantastic, too.

Happy New Year!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I had that issue(?) with Body pump as well. My butt is much bigger than it once was. My arms, on the other hand, had never looked so good as they had when I was in BP class twice a week. I think I had too much weight on my bar and it stressed my body out. 😦 But I LOVED that class. For now, I’ll stick to Zumba… But in the future, who knows?

    • Yah…I mentioned it to my instructor and she said that it’s totally common. I use a lot of weight (17 kilos for squats alone) and I go twice a week – so it makes sense. But you’re right, my arms look fantastic, too. I’ve never had big arms, but they’ve never been super defined. So that’s a plus. I also do spin twice a week and yoga twice a week, so I hope it all balances out soon enough.

      Zumba! Yah…I lack complete coordination for that one. So you’re a far better woman than I!

  2. You go on about fitting your new and improved ass into new jeans, and then show us pictures of your BATHROOM?? No fair!

    Try to remember that size is just a number. You either look good or you don’t… forget about the size.

    I gained 8 pounds since before thanksgiving, but I don’t think they’re the same kind you gained. If I needed to buy pants now, I’d have to shop in the “Walrus” department.

  3. Aww! I love Claire’s nook!

    I totally didn’t realize those were vitamins until I reread what you said. I thought they were those decorative beans people use in vases and jars like that! That’s an awesome idea.

    You did great on the shelf, so crafty!

  4. Those are a lot of vitamins! But they’re pretty.

    And you look amazing, despite what the scale may say. Just like I told MBG on her blog, I’m back to pre-preg weight, but everything is still tight through my hips. Size, shape and numbers don’t always match up and that’s ok because you still look fantastic.

    Also, I want one of those reading nooks, for real.

  5. New jeans are better than antidepressants. And you’ve got a sick body no matter what the number on the tag is.

    That shelf is awesome! Women who use power tools are the best.

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