This, that and another thing

First of all, Matt is sporting a mu-stache (as he likes it to be pronounced) from a work place contest as to who could sport the best one and he won’t let me talk about it. But I have to respect the ‘stache.

Honestly, I can’t take him seriously with that thing on his face. He looks like a cross between a 70’s porn star and a pedophile.

It goes away at the end of the week. (You have no idea how much this eating me up not being able to say more about this.)

I’ll supplement that with this fancy flow chart a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I’ve always kind of identified myself as a drifter when it comes to religion. I believe that there is a great being out there that’s pretty rad but I also think being reincarnated would be cool, possibly because I identify myself so much with having lived during the ’40s. Plus, I don’t like being told what to believe. I use the church of common sense and stick to it. I’m not out killing people and I love life and I love me some Jesus. End of story. Here’s the photo:


So when I follow the flow chart I’m either a Buddhist or a Jew. That solves a lot of problems for me, whereas it also creates a bunch.

Sorry, Catholics. You can’t identify. Sad panda.

While at Body Pump, two interesting things happened. One – my instructor randomly told me that I was sweet and that I made it fun for her to teach and then I noticed while doing lunges that, yes, while my butt only fits into two pairs of jeans anymore (see previous post) it looks might fine. And for a split second I considered taking a photo and posting it. Maybe next week, Bluz.

Next, JESSICA IS VISITING! JESSICA IS VISITING! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (or Buddha as it seems,) JESSICA IS VISITING! June can’t come soon enough. For one, it’s effing cold out. 26 degrees, Universe? Tell that to my three kids in puffy coats and limited mobility. Also, because I get to finally see my dear friend again. As we just discussed this evening, we’re pretty much sisters. Why? Because she was telling me, “Who cuts off a chunk of their finger while using a peeler? This girl,” to which I responded with “OMG, I totally did the same thing just last week!” We even bled through the same amount of bandaids, albeit that mine were Dora bandaids and hers were just generic, that’s neither here nor there. Point is, FREAKY.

Matt’s simply happy Jess is visiting because she’s bringing Mark (and of course Miss Sarah) but Mark. And Mark is XY. Testosterone. He’s seriously lacking in these parts as he’s outnumbered by not just me, Claire and Mae – but Sadie-dog, Boscoe the cat and Lila Monster. That’s a whole lotta angst. God Bless him.

Lastly, it’s January 4th and I’ve already registered for a half marathon, a full marathon and two 10Ks. My brain is all, “Yay! Yay! This is going to be great!” and I’m pretty sure my legs and lower back are all in denial.

Woo! This is going to be a pretty fantastic 2012! Races! Marathons! Jessica! Testosterone!

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Gah! I used my comments on Facebook. Love the chart though. And you can’t lump the Catholics in with Generic Christians… too many peculiarities.

    You’re a butt pic tease, you know that? (Obviously I don’t mean “butt picK”, that would be gross.)

    Oh, geez… I just know that Jessica will come out during the week I’m going to be in Toledo… [crossing fingers…]

  2. Bhuddists believe in many gods? Huh. Who knew?

  3. I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to invade your house and meet your other two children (oh and Matt too!) All day long I talked and talked and talked about it to Mark. He is going to be tired of me talking about it soon.

    Also, please stop hacking up your fingers so the universe won’t make me hack mine up too.


  4. I love that chart for the indecisive. And I think “Catholic” would fit in there, after no to the Magical underwear. “Do you like Birthday parties?”- Catholic=yes, Jehovah’s Witness=no. I’m not picking on anybody, I’m Catholic, but we tend to be everywhere and a bit pompous. I guess that could be annoying.

    • You know, it’s funny. Until I moved to Pennsylvania, I had never really known many Catholics. I was raised Lutheran and it’s a lot like Catholicism with more anger and less guilt. And it’s SO TRUE. The fact that 95% of the people here are Catholic, I have found it to be a “I’m superior because God loves me more,” attitude or a “Please don’t hate me, I’m Catholic,” attitude. I just try not to let my religion or beliefs define me.

      • yeah… I’m of the I’m Catholic but I’m of want-to-be-loved-for-myself-not-my-religion-but-if-you-wanna-know-what-floats-my-spiritual-boat-come-to-Mass-with-me variety. Being raised in the Bible Belt will humble any Catholic. I like the idea of other spiritual stuff, like reincarnation… I wouldn’t be surprised if I was a twenties girl in another life- I love the flapper stuff. I’m just not sold on the stuff, but I try to keep an open mind. lol… more anger, less guilt… heheheheeeeeee

  5. I was really kind of hoping the flow chart would tell me to go be Mormon, but alas.

    SO JEALOUS that Jessica’s going to Pittsburgh! You guys are going to paint the town red.

  6. Good job on not talking about the molester mustache.

    By the way, I love that religion flowchart so hard. I am posting it to Facebook. Right now.

  7. That religion flowchart is too funny! I guess I’m either a boring old Christian or an Atheist. I don’t know if I believe in God, but I do know that bacon is AWESOME!

  8. Deb K from Harrisburg

    That chart is the best. Being part of the Jewish religion, I got a real kick out of the questions, how do you feel about bacon and how do you feel about hummus!

    Also, congratulations on signing up for the marathon, 1/2 marathon and 2 10ks. Wow, that’s a mouthful. That prompted me to remember that I wanted to donate to your Pittsburgh marathon effort (one of my non-resolution “initiatives” for 2012 is to make micro donations, hoping that we can help others in a small way). And that leads me to this comment that I hope you continue to promote your efforts and from time to time remind your loyal readers of the donation widget on your blog….self promotion is hard and asking people for money is hard but it’s for a good cause I am sure! All the best, Deb

  9. Only a few more days for the ‘stache? Precious little time left to play “State Patrolman.” Bow-chicka-bow-bow.

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