she’s got a dog obsession

You know the kid that ate paste in school? And how that kid tried to hide that they were eating the paste, but the ring around the mouth was unmistakable?

Well. I’m about 95% convinced Maelie is a dog. Just last week she crawled up to me and had a ring of brown liquid surrounding her mouth. Since I knew it couldn’t be poop because she’s not that gross, I quickly squeezed her little cheeks together and out popped a dog food nugget.

So gross.

And this isn’t a once and a while thing. Sometimes I get there too late and she has three in her mouth.

Don’t even get me started on her dog stalking. It’s not so much that she’s stalking Sadie, rather, she’s stalking her chew.

And she’s fast. I mean, really fast.

She’ll hide them, too.

And she’ll have the guiltiest look on her face.

Once she gets it, though, it’s almost as if the whole world just melts away…

It’s almost relaxing. So in a sense, it gives her a sense of baby euphoria.

And sometimes if we’re lucky, she’ll offer to share.

Because, who wouldn’t want to chew on that? Yum!

And I try to explain to her that it’s disgusting and it’s made with animal pieces and bones and hair and who knows what, (Sorry, Sadie.) but she just quietly crawls away and sneaks through the play room and the dining room and around the corner BACK to the dog dish where I find her stuffing dog nuggets in her mouth as if she’s a chipmunk.

I found three in her mouth this time. Super gross.

Typically I can redirect her but sometimes she looks at me and says:

Kids these days. Where do they learn this stuff?


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  1. If we see that Sarah has something in her hand and we say, “What do you have?” She squeezed the item in her hand and bolts. She’s very fast. She’s also gone for the dog food and the cat food. You know, it amazes me that she thinks vegetables are disgusting but dog food is delicious. Kids.

  2. That’s really gross… but really funny. We taught my nephew to share. He found all kinds of things for us to preview before he attempted to eat it… he didn’t like dog food, but he loved splashing puppy water everywhere.

  3. I’m sorry, but I think this is kind of awesome. Dogs are pretty much my favorites – I like many of them more than I like most people – so if she’s part dog, she’s got a good start in life.

    (Sure, a little gross, but be relieved she can’t possibly have the flexibility to chomp on her own butt when it gets itchy.)

  4. I love these pictures! I mean, they’re terrible, and I hate them, but I love them!

    And I, like, know where these places in your house are and have met this kid and that dog in person! It’s so weird!

    I appreciate that she’s not gross enough for poop. I knew I liked her.

  5. I think the cause of her behavior is obvious. Might she have been conceived… “doggy-style?”

    Sorry, once I thought it, I couldn’t not write it. I apologize.

  6. Well, at least you don’t have fish or lizards or, ew, snakes as pets. Meal worms and mice wouldn’t go down so well.

    I’m sure she’ll grow out of it and it will only remain as something you can embarrass her with someday, like at her wedding reception.

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