A friendly bet

My husband has a coworker, who, when asked to list a personal goal for the year 2012, he stated, “I would like to beat your wife at a race.”

Now, back in May, when I had my ankle injury, I had run my five miles for the Marathon Relay, and then the following week, I hobbled on it to run a 5K. For the 5K, I had registered myself, Matt and his coworker as a corporate team. Why not, right?

Matt’s coworker beat me by a minute and after the race I could hardly walk.

He calls it an excuse.

Enter the Great Race of 2011. He and I both ran the 10K and I beat him by a good 2 minutes and I count that as a fair win because we were both healthy. Well, maybe not the coworker so much, because he kind of looked like death after the race. I guess that’s pushing it to the limit? He had registered for that race with some friends on a team and the top three scores were taken. His teammates came in at 30 minutes or something ridiculous like that for a 10K. Unreal. So his team won, thus allowing him to be a winner by default.

Anywho, when Matt told me about his coworker’s bet, I about choked on my dinner. Of course he would.

Now, let the record state, Matt’s coworker is by far one of the funniest and wittiest guys I’ve ever met. And it all comes naturally, which makes it that much better. I figured I should see what he was thinking as a rematch. So I emailed him.

It took all of a few hours to receive his response:

That was a fantastic response.

I just no idea how the hell to respond to it.

Either way, IT’S ON.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. It probably says something about me that my friends would be more likely to challenge me to an eating contest than a race. This guy’s competitiveness is a little scary, though; I’d watch your kneecaps in the coming months, lest he get desperate.

  2. My bet is on you. 100%.

  3. You’re so going to be ready for that Great Race. You need a month or so to recover from marathon, and you still will have that training base. By September, you’re going to be all over it. Team Cassie all the way

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