What the gym gave me

I often get asked how I do it. Run, work out, cook, bake, keep the house standing, you know. Life.

A friend, who is always inspiring me to work harder, posted on his facebook page today a quote from Oprah, and it is so very, very true:

“The big secret in life is that there is no secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” 

Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, I had kids to inspire me. Which seems kind of odd, because having kids means your life gets a little bit busier. How on earth can one throw in the regular exercise needed to not only loose the baby weight, but be fitter and healthier? I don’t know that answer. I just do.

The gym to me, is not only the place I go to regularly sweat and pray for a quick death, but also where I’ve met some amazing people with similar goals to my own. I’m constantly inspired to be better, work harder and dig deeper, because the person next to me is. And if that person can, I sure can, too.

I’ve also made my intentions known to the instructors. They know that I’m there to work hard and in return, they push me. I know that at Body Pump, Angelica will hand me an extra 5 kg weight to use for overhead triceps dips and that at RPM, she’ll offer to increase the tension on my bike. I know that at free style spin, Janis will yell at me to dig deeper and clap a rhythm for me to match. And at yoga, I’ll sink an extra inch deeper during standing strength. If I’m running solo on a treadmill, I choose one that is near another runner. That way I feel like I’m not running alone.

Aside from camaraderie and such, I’ve gained results. What I’m about to show you is a photo from April of 2011, about 2 months after I had Mae. Then I’ll show you two photos from today. As of, like, an hour ago. After I ate dinner. So don’t hold it against me. I’m trying to prove a point.

Here’s April’s photo:

And here’s the one from an hour ago:

Oh, and let’s throw in my arm for good measure.

I honestly thought it’d be easier to take a photo of a flexed arm, but alas, it’s really not that simple. Either way, that’s where I am today.

Want to know something funny? From the first photo in April to the photo from today, I weigh the same.

I mean, exactly.

And that’s the hard part for a lot of individuals. I’ve noticed that most base their progress on weight alone. And obviously, you can’t do that. No wonder so many fail. I mean, look at me. Look at those photos. There’s a difference. Is it huge? No. Is it where I want to be? Not yet. Did I work damn hard? Hell yah. These results are from hours spent at the gym. Consistently. It took dedication and commitment.

What it didn’t include was gimmicky diets, 10 minute solution work outs, and excuses.

As I previously mentioned, since I stared taking Body Pump, I’ve gained about 7 pounds. But I look so much better than before. Maybe it’s just me who can see the difference, but it’s there.

I’ve also taken measurements. That’s where the real loss is. I’ve lost over 20 inches over my entire body since that first photo was taken. 20 inches. That’s over my hips, thighs, waist and belly button.

(Oh! And I just noticed I’m wearing the same pants in both photos. That’s kind of neat.)

The bottom line is, when people ask me, “How do you do it?” I say, “Hard work, dedication and a fantastic gym daycare.”

With that, wish me luck, because next weekend I’ll leave for Harrisburg where I’ll undergo training to become an RPM instructor…and hopefully teach a class or two at my gym. If not, at least it’ll be one hell of an experience and a test of my hard work.


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  1. I totally get you there. It does take so much work so get where one needs to be- fitness wise. But once you’re there, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

    “I weigh the same”- I lose/ gain just like that! I lose inches before I lose pounds and at first I would be so discouraged. But then my trainer measured my body fat and inches. I only started working out four years ago. I started out at 40% body fat. my trainer toned me up and I now hang out at around 25%- not perfect, not where I’m done- but where I’m healthier.

    By the way, your butt looks amazing!

  2. I always heard it stated as “pounds don’t count; inches do.”

    Either way, you’re doing amazing! (And quite in keeping with your general bad-ass nature.)

    • Thanks, Bluz. I figured I may as well be honest and show that – yes I’ve been steadily working out for almost a year, I’m still by no means super model thin. I just keep plugging away.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Why would you want to be supermodel thin? That’s not a good look and it’s not healthy.

        (If you asked me, you looked pretty “fiiiiiine” in the first picture.)

  3. Seriously, you are the shit. You’re my inspiration. I had to painfully bite the bullet and get a trainer to help push me where you can push yourself!

    • Oh thanks Liz. Honestly, I’ve found group exercise to be the push I’ve needed. I just wasn’t doing enough on my own. I’d love to have a personal trainer, but that’s just not I the cards for me financially. Just keep at it!

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Girl! I honestly do not know how you do it! How you have the energy with 3 kiddos and the house and…..everything. else. you. do! Seriously. You are my inspiration too. All I have to do is….get off the couch right? lol. I swear I hear Benny Hill music around our house and then it is time to pass out. (Hey I do burn calories running around like Benny Hill). Anyways, you are doing a great job…keep it up!

    • You know, I’ve found I have so much more energy thanks to working out. I don’t feel like I’m going to crash at the drop of a hat anymore and the endorphins really are a perk.

  5. Sweet. It’s very Linda Hamilton/Terminator. “Come with me if you want to live!”

    Good luck with the course and certification or whatever. I’m pretty sure you’re going to ace it.

    All the gym has given me so far is Plantar fasciitis and a rash of some sort. But I keep going back.

  6. I assume that everyone who didn’t comment on this post was thinking what I’m about to say:

    But I don’t WANNA work for it!

    Good for you, though. You looked great before, but you look AND feel great now.

    (I’m just assuming. I haven’t felt you.)

    (Haha, see what I did there?)

  7. You can tell you worked out during pregnancy because how you look two months after giving birth is like my dream, ha ha.

    Seriously, I know I’m so bad at excuses. But I’m like Ang, by the time the day is over, I am exhausted. I need to amp up my energy level. I’m good at exercising on the weekends though.

    You rock and look amazing!

    • Matt could never fit his work outs in specifically because of the tired factor and wanting to see the kids. He started to go for runs before the kids even woke up. It’s been a win/win for all.

      • Not surprisingly, I’m pretty tired at the end of the day myself, what with working and taking care of Ratine (that’s my nickname for the babe), but I recently started a vitamin regimen, and it’s really, REALLY helping my energy level.

        I can’t wait till we move and I can go running on a regular basis (the area around our neighborhood – at least the part in which I can run without having to drive anywhere first – is a little sketch).

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