ode to my running partner

As we read a few months ago, I’m a running slut. I’ve been pretty consistent, though, with running with my friend Anthony. We met while waiting for our turn at the Marathon Relay last year. My race bib said Cassandre (because I didn’t know you could personalize) and his said, (Go Meat!) because he had dressed as a giant steak during the Freaky 5K and apparently people cheered him along by shouting “Go Meat!”

While on the shuttle to get to the start of our relay point, I was chatting with a group of runners at the back of the bus and I said, “I totally saw some guy with ‘Go Meat!’ on his race bib. That’s fantastic.” Then, the guy directly behind me said, “Um, that’s me.”

When we got off the shuttle and took a look at our surroundings, we got some Gatorade to drink and then he offered to hold my stuff so I could pee. I mean, friends from the start. C’mon. Plus he knew I was married, so it wasn’t like he was hitting on me. That’s always a good thing, too.

He remembered my name and found me on facebook, and well, here we are today. Running together and b.s.ing.

Here is a short, but complete list as to why he is a fantastic running partner.

1. He puts up with me.
2. He runs at a slower pace with me, especially when it’s cold and my legs don’t want to work.
3. He’s willing to run many miles with me, when I’m sure he’d be perfectly content with just five or six.
4. He puts up with me.
5. He agrees with me.
6. We talk about things we’ve done before, and then discuss what parts show questionable judgement. (Read: exes, alcohol, extra curricular activities and such.)
7. We make lists.
8. He runs in front of me when cars are coming so they don’t hit me.
9. He runs along the river so I don’t fall in.
10. He puts up with me.
11. He once bought me a bottle of wine.
12. He hardly complains when I say, “Can we run on Sunday? I know it’ll only be 14 degrees out…”
13.  He reminds me to bring gloves.
….and 14. He puts up with me.

To sum up, he’s a saint.

I told him that he and my husband and best friend Ian should start a club and call it, “Cassie and the men who put up with her.” I’m not saying I’m difficult, I just know what I want and I want it now. And I hate excuses. And I have a few opinions about stuff. And I hate being told no. So, OK, I’m difficult.


Anyhow, I have the best running partner. He’s currently training for his first half marathon and, because of course, I’m me and very, very persistent, he agreed to run the Cook Forest Half in March with me. I mean, hell, Matt’s running a million miles an hour these days and wants to run it for time, so there’s no way I could keep up with him. Anthony, on the other hand, is hoping to finish around 2:15:00, and since I did my first in 2:11:00, we’ll match up fine.

So, in the end, my running partner is fantastic. I so hope that everyone out there who runs has a good, quality running partner. One who is fun to talk with, runs your pace and keeps you in check. Also, who pushes you and makes you work harder. I hope everyone has their own Anthony.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You and all your boyfriends. Sheesh. They flock to you like a moth to the flame, though I can’t say I blame them!

    Seriously though, that’s awesome that you’ve found someone to run with you and who keeps pushing you!

    • Ha! Now you sound like Matt. It’s hard, not being able to run with Matt, but having Anthony to run with is pretty fantastic. Now we just need to get him a running partner.

  2. Hello Running Slut. I’m a Running Joke.

  3. Interestingly, you also described liking my best friend because she put up with you. I really didn’t notice any unbearable personality traits when I met you, but now I’m a little concerned.

  4. I like you so far. You don’t seem like that much to “put up with”… But I myself may be quite a handful, so… great minds?

  5. Anthony sounds great so there’s that… and he puts up with you. haha.

    I like that he seems like a total gentleman – being the person in between you and harms way all the time. So nice!

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