Digging deep, finding peace and wearing padded shorts

You know, it’s funny. This time last week I was preparing for my trip to Harrisburg for RPM training, listening to my tracks nonstop and stressing out. This week I’m done with the training, still listening to my tracks and not stressing out quite as much. Well, about RPM at least.

The short story: I went, it was awesome, I came home.

The long story is a bit different than just riding a bike, but isn’t that usually the way it goes?

I had planned on going up all by myself because I never get a chance to be away from the kids and I thought it would be cool to actually have quiet nights to myself. Instead, another local was going to the same training so we figured on travelling together.

I’m not going to go into it on here because that’s not me, but somewhere along the line, the local ended up not speaking a word to me the entire drive home, thus leaving me scratching my head. Then, I looked and realized that today I was unfriended on facebook.

What’s probably the most sad part of it all is that I feel relieved. While I have no real idea what happened and why it ended that way, I’m grateful that I was true to myself and stayed calm, kind and I didn’t speak what I was thinking.

Instead, Carly got a 15 minute conversation that involved her saying “No WAY,” a lot and turning down her sound because I got too loud.

But I didn’t speak one bad thing to the local that I know of. And that makes me proud of myself.

Now that that’s out of the way. RPM! It was fantastic. We had training at a Gold’s Gym where the spin room was twice the size of ours, which subsequently had twice the amount of bikes. But no worries, because they were the same bikes that I’m used to. Whether that’s a good thing or not is debatable. We started with introductions and then we had a master class where we rode the whole release with the trainer and a few gym members. Then we proceeded to learn tips and tricks and methods and all that good stuff until 2:30 when we finally broke for lunch and then went back at it until 6. We were all assigned a track to learn and had to be able to teach it the next day. At the end of day one, we did something called the Race of Truth and it truly is all that.

I remember scouring the internet prior to going to training for someone, anyone, who could tell me what the Race of Truth is all about aside from wanting to puke after it was done, but alas, I couldn’t.

And there’s a very good reason why. I’m not going to talk about it, either. It was my initiation and anyone who wants to find out about it can go to RPM training and find out. All I’m going to say was that it was amazing and it was so fun to be able to push myself past the point where all I wanted to do was stop, but I kept on going.

The second day, we got to preform our track to a group of fellow wannabes and during which, we were filmed. It was like another mini-spin class, except, we had two groups going at the same time. So when the music was going, two separate people were teaching their little group across the room from eachother. Except for me, because the other girl who was assigned my track didn’t come to training, so not only was I the first to go (since I had track 2) I had to go solo. (Track one is a warmup, so no one taught that.)

I figured I had one of two options: I could either do my best or I could try to set the bar high.

Obviously we know which option I chose. And when I got off the bike after my ride, I even got a thumbs up and a soft “Awesome job, Cassie!” from the trainer. I felt on fire.

This did wonders for my anxiety.

We won’t talk about my ego.

After everyone finished up, we talked about it and then watched the film and it’s so funny watching yourself spinning on a bike from a side angle. While I’m sure I was supposed to be watching my form and stuff, I couldn’t get over how darn long my torso is. It’s kind of weird. Anyhow, while we reviewed the video, we get critiqued and I was told that I need to watch my form and that I forgot to say, “hips forward” before a sprint. That was it. That made me pretty happy.

So, as the day wore on, we worked more on technique. While sitting on the bike we quietly discussed amongst the women how our lady bits were so painful. I mean, it’s not fair.

Then, we had to give our final presentation. At this point, my legs were pretty much the equivalent of jello and the thought of sitting on a bike again made me glad that I am never having any more babies. During my final ride, when I was due to say, “hips forward,” I turned to the trainer and shouted, “HIPS FORWARD!” That got a laugh out of some of the fellow wannabes and I hope it helped calm the tension. After each person did their ride, we got our scores one at a time.

The scores break down as follow:

Pass : You are free to team teach with a certified RPM instructor and within three months, need to film yourself teaching a class of no less than 5 students and send it in to Les Mills for review. Then, if you pass that, you are certified and free to teach RPM on your own.

Pass Withheld: If you get a pass withheld, that means that you did well enough, but not so enough that they’d feel comfortable with you teaching a class of members. Instead, you get to shadow your certified RPM instructor, and when they see that you’ve improved, you then can team teach and do all of the above.

Resit: That’s when you didn’t do very well, didn’t know the choreography, showed no visual improvement and need to redo the entire training.

I got a pass and will probably start team teaching next week. I took last night off for the hockey game and for my lady bits and look forward to practicing tomorrow morning.

Had someone told me Monday morning, “Hey, wanna go to spin class?” It probably would have taken everything for me to not punch them.

But, that said, Les Mills is a fantastic company and they really produce quality instructors. They are strict and tough and that’s exactly what I wanted. They stand behind their product 100% and expect their instructors to do the same.

So this past weekend was only the beginning of what’s to come. I’m hoping to film here sooner rather than later because I know the choreography, it’s just a matter of me being able to teach it to people without doing a horrible job. I have faith, though.

The weekend was amazing. I dug deep, I found out a lot about myself, made some cool friends and found out what I was made of.

And if you’re the local reading this, please accept my sincerest apologies if I had done something wrong.

Though, truth be told, I’m still scratching my head.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Deb K from Harrisburg

    Were you by chance at the Gold’s Gym that just opened December 1st off of Linglestown Road, on Oakhurst Blvd? Your description of the gym sounds like it. That’s MY gym and I love it. I don’t spin though — too chicken for that or for classes. Good for you being true to yourself!!!

    • It was actually on Chambers Hill. I forgot you were out that way! You should try an RPM class if they have it there. It’s different from spinning. You actually know what to expect each class as each release is broken down. Each track has a goal and after track 7, you’re done! It’s not like in freestyle spin where it’s whatever flies out of the instructors’ head. (Not that that’s a bad thing.) It can’t hurt to try!

  2. I’m so proud of you for kicking the training’s ass and being a better person than the local. You’re an amazing person and I know you’ll be a fantastic trainer!

  3. OMG, totally IMing you tomorrow so you can . . . continue to not say bad things about this person. JUICY!

    Now I need a post explaining what spinning is. Am I the only one who’s never done it? I have multiple friends trying to pressure me into it, but I’m a little nervous. There’s choreography? Explain yourself, woman!

    (Oh, yeah, and congratulations!)

    • Spinning is something that was created in the 90’s to kind of imitate outdoor cycling on a stationary bike. Except it’s nothing like it, instead you do jumps, lots of speed and use a lot of resistance. It’s super fun, if you’re into wanting to die multiple times during class. But effective.

      RPM specifically is a form of spinning by Les Mills and they do choreography. They try to mimic outdoor cycling more than a free style spin class would.

  4. DYING to be filled on the dirt.

    Still unsure about spinning.

  5. Hey, Cassie. I haven’t been here for a while (I suck that way) but you’re still on my list of READ THIS, SHE’s FUNNY! And, truth be told, I consider you an internet acquaintance who I’d like to know better. I’ve been trying to get my blog focused and back on track…and then as if life and the blog weren’t enough, I started a food blog and a blog for my daughter. Did I mention I also have a house to take care of and a man who prefers not to have to shove dishes to the side when he sits down for dinner? (the nerve!) Anyway, I’m busy, slightly adle-brained, but here, thinking about you and proud of you! My lady bits can’t even imagine getting on a bike. (OW)…the closest I’ve gotten to exercising lately is when I dreamed I was jogging the other night. ((0.o))

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