“I had a surgeon begin an operation in an attempt to resect some of the tumors, just to close me up because it wasn’t worth his time.”

Could you imagine? Being 27 and talking to your father about your own funeral arrangements? Seeing your doctor crying on a Friday because they didn’t think you’d live to see Monday? To be so full of radiation that your short term memory is shot?

This is from a video I watched this morning that was posted on the Mario Lemieux Foundation page as an inspirational video. Torey, who is 27 years old is a three-time cancer survivor. She’s spent the last 12 years of her life fearing and fighting death. So far she’s winning.

There are a lot of foundations out there that raise money for cancer awareness. Some go to the actual research and some go to lining the pockets of the rich.

I had originally wanted to run the marathon for St. Jude’s Hospital, which I may do next year, but decided on the Mario Lemieux Foundation this year because A.)  it’s local, B.) Mario Lemieux is sort of my hero and C.) I’ve seen first hand some of the awesome things his foundation helps to facilitate, such as Make Room for Kids.

Money talks. But not everyone has money. And cancer is an expensive way to die. No one will be denied care because of lack of money or insurance, but one must wonder at what lengths a medical facility will go to if they know they won’t get paid in return. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.

I am running the marathon and raising money for the Mario Lemieux Foundation for women like Torey. She’s an inspiration and her story made me cry this early Tuesday morning. What’s 26.2 miles in comparison to being the 1% who survive? You tell me.

I’d like to believe that if I were faced with such awful odds, that I’d fight to the bitter end, but I don’t even know. I don’t even want to imagine. So instead, I’ll run for them. And raise money for the research.

So please, watch the video, be inspired and thank the good lord that you’re (hopefully) not in any percent of cancer odds.


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  1. Okay, FINE.

    I’ll donate for you, all right?!

    Quit shoving it in my face!!

    (Just kidding. I’ve been meaning to for a while now.)

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