My last first birthday

Mae. When did we get here? I swear, I blinked and you were crawling. I woke up from a long night’s sleep and you were walking. I sneezed and you were saying, Mama.

To say I loved every second of it would be a lie, because there are days when you’re crying for no good reason other than to hear your own voice. Or the times when you decide that sleep is overrated, yet fight it until the bitter end.

Truth be told, 85% of the time you’re pleasant, congenial, sweet and mellow. But I get it, teething sucks. And so do growing pains. So I’ll allow you that 15% of crankiness.

You enjoy playing by yourself and you hate it when Luca takes toys away from you. When the dishwasher is open, you drop everything and toddle your way over at an alarming speed. You don’t like bananas, but you can’t get enough of sweet potato chunks. Yogurt is a staple as are cheerios and cut up grapes.

You love to snuggle.

The tv doesn’t interest you nearly as much as small books and things with buttons to press do.

Some of your favorite things to play with are:

1. Mom and dad’s cell phones
2. The regular phone
3. The TV remote
4. The Wii remotes
5. Ethernet cords or any other cord that happens to be within reach.

All of these things get taken away from you, yet you hang on and growl with every bit of anger you can muster up, but alas, Mommy always wins and you throw the mother of all fits.

Hell hath no fury like a Maelie who got an iPhone taken away from her.

 You know what you want. I can honestly say without hesitation you got that from me. Be it a blessing or a curse, you’re strong willed, stubborn and hate to be deviated from your original course. You’ve got a plan, and you’re going to make it happen. Not to mention, you’ve found your voice.

Right on, sister.

You, Miss Mae, have made our family complete. You have the most beautiful soul and loving personality. You find the beauty in every day and roll with whatever your silly siblings throw at you. You’re never afraid to reach out for a hug, give a kiss on the nose or make it known that you want UP NOW.

I know that there will be times when I’m tough on you, or you won’t see me as being fair, and that’s cool, but please know, that I only want what’s best for you. You’re my baby, my little Mae-Moo. Your smile warms my heart and your soft coos soothe my soul. You’re part of the reason why I get up every morning and breathe in and out.

So, on this, your very first birthday, my wish for you is simple. Keep being you.

Because who you are is my very favorite thing.

I love you.

Love, Mama


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. (Aside from my M): cutest baby EVAH. Happy birthday, Mae-moo.

    Can you come over & teach Michael to say “mama”? Kthx!

  2. Sniff sniff! So sweet! Both mama and baby 🙂

  3. I love everything about this sweet post (especially that last photo).

    So glad she and you have had such an amazing first year. It’s so hard to believe it’s come around so fast.

    Happy Birthday Miss Mae!

  4. Wow, you’re right. That WAS just a blink.

    Happy Birthday, Mae.

  5. Deb K From Harrisburg

    I loved your post and all of the photos but the absolutely most precious photo is the second from the bottom where her hand is resting on her cheek. What a captivating (and mischievous) smile! So happy for your family!

  6. Oh, man, some of these photos are cute enough to eat. The one where she’s resting her head on her hand? !!!

    I’m also glad you’re willing to ignore your kid’s cries and take pictures of her, because angry Mae is the best.

    I don’t believe for a second that this is the last one, but I appreciate your pretending.

    • A good Maelie crying photo is very important.

      True story – when Claire flips out over something ridiculous, I take her photo and then show it to her. It makes her laugh because she realizes she looks so silly. Good parenting tool. Very good, indeed.

  7. Happy (belated) birthday, Miss Moo!

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