A successful first birthday, indeed

I’ve hosted a lot of birthdays at our house and I have to say, this was my favorite.

I started by making a fantastic cake. Now, usually when I make something, I’ll say, “Now…I make no promises…” But this time, I made sure people looked at the cake and fully appreciate the cake. And when someone complimented me on how fantastic it tasted, because it did, I’d say, “I know.”

Cocky? Yes. But the cake was fantastic.

Mae wasn’t so sure about the cake at first.

But as she went along, she got more comfortable with how awesome it truly was.

And before we knew it, she was all about the cake.

It was a really good cake.

I mean, honestly, there are so few things we get excited about anymore these days. So cake it is.

She annihilated the cake.

My best friend, “Uncle” Ian came over, too! He loves a good cake.

Sadie doesn’t really know what to make of birthday parties. She starts off barking at people, then being overly excited, and then the kids find great joy in chasing her.

And Sadie’s out of luck these days, as there are a lot of kids capable of chasing her.

Not to mention there’s a new baby in the mix. Give him a few years and Baby Samuel will be chasing that dog down. Given that the dog is still alive, that is. (Love you, Sadie-dog!)

Meet Sir Samuel. He’s my newest nephew. Love that little body. He also is a huge fan of his Papa.

The kids are all at a perfect age. Luca and Sophia are 9 days apart and they all play so well together. Here, they were hiding under the table in the kitchen. I think they were hiding from one of the Uncles. Who knows. It was cute all the same.

Because of the funeral, Matt’s brother Chris was in town. He lives in Vegas. Luca just loves Uncle Chris. Those two together melted my heart.

And before anyone says it, yes, I know, my brother in law is very good looking. I know this. Yet for some reason, everyone finds the need to remind me. We’ve got good genes flowing through my kids’ veins, that’s for sure.

It’s a rare occasion when we get all the guys together. Can you tell they’re all related? Sheesh.

All in all, it was a very successful first birthday for Miss Mae.

Also, shout out to Jessica! She made Maelie’s birthday banner. It pretty much made my whole day. The fact that she lives over 1000 miles away makes it that much more exceptional. So super thanks, Jess, for being here even when you couldn’t be here.


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  1. That looks like a lovely birthday indeedy. Your entire family is gorgeous. This made me happy. : )

  2. Looks like quite the successful party! But was there ever a doubt?

  3. I love how much of this post is dedicated to the awesome cake… but you didn’t even say what kind it was! It looks delicious, and if it passes Mae’s inspection, I know I would devour it too.

    So glad she had a great party and the banner came in handy. I had fun making it for a special little girl.

  4. Cake recipe, plsthx. Not for me, of course. My oven has literally never been used. But for the others. So they can all make it for me when I visit.

    Also, these are FANTASTIC pictures. Happy birthday to kid #3 (of 4)!

  5. 1. That cake made me have to go get a peanut butter snack. I DO hope the recipe will be on your new cooking blog.

    2. Harper needs an outfit like Maelie’s! From whence did it come?

    3. Jessica’s banner is BEE-yootifull!

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