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First and foremost, this is my 500th post. Pretty awesome milestone. Thanks for being along for the ride.

I’ve been so busy lately, what with the death, training, having a baby turn one, and being dead-ass tired, that I haven’t been able to write about what’s been going on with my gym endeavors.

Two weeks ago I signed a contract with my gym, making me an official fitness instructor. As the manager said, “It only took you 5 years of membership, a lot of dedication and a good personality to get here.”


In addition to becoming an RPM instructor, I had been asked to pick up a lower half and abs class that is currently being taught by Angelica who is many, many months pregnant. This makes me incredibly flattered, because I have worked very hard for this moment – the moment where I’m noticed in a class of many and respected for my improvement and strength and personality.

This is huge. I’ll be teaching three classes a week and couldn’t be more excited.

Aside from my weekend RPM training, I’ve been going to the gym and have been running through my choreography in an empty spinning studio, team teaching with Angelica and still attending the classes I love to go to.  Oh, and running on the weekends.

I’m beat, guys.

When Maelie goes down for her morning nap, I break out the iTunes and crank up some music and run through my lower half choreography that I’ve put together all on my own. Then I go through my ab choreography, that again, I put together by myself. I finish, sweaty, but proud because this is an accomplishment in itself. I’ve never fully realized what goes in to teaching a class. Especially when you’re not given the cues and notes as to what to do when and how.

I’ve taken enough classes now and done enough work out videos to feel confident that my students will get a stellar work out and so I’m not worried in the least about that.

But when I did my first team teaching for RPM, I didn’t feel fully in control. I knew the choreography, but I didn’t know what to say.


Didn’t know what to say.

You can yell, “Let’s go!” and “You can do it,” only so many times before it gets old. I can correct form and posture only so much, too.

And while I know it will come with time, for the first time in my life, I was told this:

I was too quiet.

I was also told I was too nice.

For a moment, I thought to myself, “Why did I even think I could do this?” But then my Mom wrote me this:

Excitement’s good. Those butterflies are good. If this was easy, it
wouldn’t be fun. You’re growing not only as fitness instructor, but as
a person, too. Look at all the things in your life that you’ve
discovered about yourself! Things you had NO idea you were capable of
until you reached out and took a chance. I’ve always admired that
about you. You remind me a little of myself, only you’re even more
fearless than me. I am very proud of you, always have been.

Love, Mom

(Best mom ever.)

And I see it. I totally do. So yesterday, when I did my team teaching, I amped it up. And I got loud. And I even remember saying, “If you’re free spinning, then you’re wasting your time and you should probably just go home.” (Free spinning is when you have no resistance on the bike and that not only does NOTHING for you, but it can also seriously injure yourself.)

When I said that, I got a response.

And then understood.

I had to be honest. I had to be direct. And I had to be heard.

I’m not going to be the most amazing RPM instructor over night, I know this. But I’m willing to learn and I’m willing to hear constructive criticism. And isn’t that what makes one instructor better than another?

I’m growing guys. I’m learning.



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  1. Congrats on your 500. I have around 30 to go, to hit that mark. Now is that 500 for just you, or does that count Carly’s posts too? (You know, back in the olden days when she still wrote posts…)

    You should hark back to your days in basic training, for some fresh motivational patter. Can you call your class “maggots” in this day and age?

    • See, I’m not into doing the whole negative reinforcement. I try to teach as I would my own kids. But every so often a “Pick it up! That’s not good enough!” is good.

  2. You are so bad ass. Your commitment and dedication is amazing!

    And Happy 500!

  3. I just realized that your kids are totally going to grow up to be fitness freaks. Either that or super-lazy fatsos. Can’t wait to find out!

    “If you’re free spinning, then you’re wasting your time and you should probably just go home” is AWESOME. I need someone to say that to me every morning in the gym.

  4. Deb K from Harrisburg

    Cassie, I just was over at Unapologetically Mundane (I love Katie’s blog!) and noticed your comment about Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs. I’ve had that infomercial on the brain all day since watching it when I first turned on the TV this morning. I’m really tempted to buy it. Have you started using the DVDs and if so what do you think? The commercial looks great! I just want to learn those dance moves!

  5. I’m just beyond amazed and proud of you that you’re going to be a SPINNING instructor. That’s just incredible.

    And congrats on no. 500!

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