The Pee Bridge

Yesterday, according to Hal Higdon, Matt was supposed to run 14 miles for his marathon training. He likes schedules and order and all that stuff, and I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Typically, on Sundays I run with my running partner Anthony, but he had prior engagements and so I got a chance to finally run with Matt. I enjoy running with Matt from time to time because unlike Anthony, he is comfortable enough with me and will shoot the occasional snot rocket. Boys are SO GROSS. Anthony and I are still in our honeymoon phase if you will. With the major exception that Anthony gets nothing good out of it except for a nice run with a zero drama girl.

It was an interesting run to say the least. We made decent time, being as we were both tired, with a finish of 2:30:00, averaging a 10:40 pace. Saying that, however, we did have two stops, one being a 3 minute stop so that we could pee.

Now, I love Pittsburgh, but they lock the porta potties. How’s a girl supposed to pee?

Enter the West End Bridge. Which Matt and I have dubbed “The Pee Bridge.”

By this point, we were at mile 6. Under the bridge is an old, crumbling rock wall that has seen better days. It’s square in shape and open area faces the river. Judging by the blue tarp and random socks, it has served as a great shelter for the homeless.

I chose a corner and dropped my pants. Pretty sure I wasn’t the first and I’m almost 100% sure that I won’t be the last.

A couple that pees together, stays together.

We then ran two more miles up the trail just before the McKees Rocks Bridge where the West Penn Penitentiary is located. It’s minimum/medium security with the emphasis on drug rehab. Apparently it’s where a lot of the G-20 Summit rioters were passed through for prosecution. (Remember when the G-20 summit was held here?)

And then the trail just abruptly stops. Which is kind of nice, because, well, that’s a jail. So you’re there, sandwiched between the Ohio river and a jail. And rather large feral cats.

We turned back, and had 6 more miles to go. We were doing pretty good, but the trail gets kind of creepy. I don’t spend a lot of time on the Ohio river, but at this particular part of the city, it’s mostly zoned for industrial buildings. So there are these huge warehouses and concrete blocks and dilapidated fences on one side and a river on the other. Not many places to run away to should you be attacked. Not to mention, it gets really super quiet once you get past the West End Bridge.

So, kind of creepy.

Still, it’s a beautiful trail, and I love it very much.

We chatted off and on until about mile 12, but then Matt got really quiet. He said his legs were heavy and he was getting tired. Me, too, but we trucked along. Finally, my run keeper chirped out 14 miles and we stopped dead in our tracks, right in front of our car.

We ordered pizza and fries and ate it in the car while it was still hot and then proceeded to lay on the couch while the kids napped.

14 miles is a lot of miles.

But at that point, I’d have to go another 12 to make a marathon.

Good thing I have another 75 days to prepare.

Tonight I teach an abs and lower half class. I’ve been stretching to no end, so the members will still have a fantastic workout. I have some fun planned.

My legs just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

Oh, and this is a pretty neat video that shows the entire trail we ran yesterday. It starts creepy, with the train bridge, and ends creepy with the jail. At about 40 seconds in, that’s where we park at, so at least we only have to see the creepy railroad tunnel thing once.

We also go under 9 bridges.

But please note at 2:55, that’s where all the industrial creepiness begins. The dude who made the video just fast forwards it. Also, I’m sure that in the summer with the trees in bloom, that has to decrease the amount of creepy. At this time of the year it just looks dead and sad.

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  1. Those aren’t feral cats… they broke out of the zoo and feed off of stray runners. Yinz must have looked like too much trouble to bring down.

  2. You’re making me miss running!

    Not enough to, you know, try to run or anything. But still!

  3. It only takes him 3 minutes to run the trail?! Why’d it take you guys so long?

    Har har.

    Some of the trail really does look creepy, but most of it looks SO COOL. And watery!

    But I can’t believe you admitted to eating pizza and fries.

  4. 14 miles? You’re a rock star. And so is Matt.

    Though peeing in a homeless man’s shelter beneath a bridge gives me the heebie jeebies.

  5. Now that is my kind of run. Peeing in odd places, being chased by wild animals, and then eating delicious bad for you food immediately afterwards.

    What do you use to monitor mileage? I really detest having to wear the band around my chest that most HR monitors require, and I have yet to find something that will tell me my mileage without me having to look at a watch all the time. I currently run watch less and guesstimate miles based mon my car’s odometer and mile markers. As Boston approaches, would like to actually attempt to train properly 🙂

    • I use Runkeeper, it’s an app on my phone. I had it on my Droid and now on my iPhone. I like that you can go online after and track your progress there, too. It’s fairly accurate, especially if you’re in the wide open. Running under 9 bridges…sometimes we drop GPS for a moment, but it picks back up. Though – sometimes it has us running in the river, which makes me giggle.

      • Awesome. Another reason I can pester Brian to let me run with his phone. I love my iPad, but it’s not going to come running with me. It probably won’t help much when I’m running in canyons but it will be awesome for my during the week 8-10 milers. Thanks Cassie! : )

  6. Once upon a time I refused to pee in front of The Guy. But then we got married and I had a baby in front of him, so now it’s OK.

    But peeing is as far as I’ll go, ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo.

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