What doesn’t embarrass me, makes me stronger

I remember back in the days when I’d see my shrink regarding my past history with cutting, she would tell me that sometimes you just have to look your past in the eye and stare it down. Then, decide if it’s worth being sad, mad or embarrassed about.

I know I’ve mentioned it in the past, but for a few years of my life, I was mistaken for a boy. I sported an awful bowl cut and to this day, still makes me shudder. There are times where it truly makes me laugh, but I mean, I looked like a boy! I was even called “Sir” on more than one occasion.

I mean, sure, I partly asked for it by being a tomboy and wearing hats and flannel shirts and such, but I was still a girl. I wasn’t giddy about liking a boy, I just wanted them to play kickball with me. I could care less if the boys thought I was cute, rather I wanted to go ‘ride some bikes’ as we used to say, with them.

I want to laugh about how silly I looked. And last night, when I was being sent photos from my mom, sister and aunt, I laughed. Hard. And then I showed Jessica and she laughed all the way in Louisiana with me.

So, without further ado, let me present some awesomely bad photos from the 90’s and share in the laughs.

What would growing up be, without a family trip to an amusement park? Welcome to the summer of ’94 where I (featured in the front right of the photograph – no, that’s not a boy, that’s me,) was excited about a fun day at Valley Fair. Carly and I wore our best over sized tee shirts, because that’s what the difference was between being neat and super awesome in the ’90s.

Here, we see another day of family fun in the backyard of my grandparents’ house. This time, my shirt is so large that it actually covers my shorts and could possibly be mistaken for as a dress. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s my Mom’s natural hair color. Please note, that yes, my feet were that big. I was like a puppy growing into it’s paws, if you will.

Then there were the times where Carly made me wear her clothes and pose. She did this to me often. Being as I was the younger sibling, I willingly obliged. In fact, it was kind of fun. And when you look past the awful polka dots, you see that perhaps they bring out my eyes, no?

Yup. This is the winter of 94. And I’m about 10 and wearing footie jammies. But I got a remote controlled car. So that redeems me somewhat, right?

And finally, this gem. This makes me sing, “I’m sexy and I know it!” No, that’s not a mirage. The sweater I’m wearing has a rabbit carrying carrots. And that’s a Viking’s hat. My cousin Chris is to the left, and he claims that he looks like Ryan Gossling. In his dreams, perhaps. And Carly, to the right, makes me want to break out in a lovely rendition of “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK!”

I wasn’t going to use this photo because I can’t even laugh at it, but I guess it’s all a part of the growing process. Not to mention my aunt posted it on Facebook for all to see and laugh at. Or at least just Ett. In this photo, my aunt put makeup on me and her fancy earrings. And then told me to look serious.

According to Tyra Banks, being ambiguous is a trait that the modeling industry likes. You hear that?

The only thing I can say that I appreciate about this photo, as Ett pointed out, is that you can see where some of my kids’ features come from. Good or bad? You be the judge.


Can I just say, yay for puberty? Because I finally got a clue and started to grow out of my awkwardness.

Here is a typical example of how growing up with Carly was. She was the queen and I was the peasant.

Related: butterfly clips? Remember those?

This photo was taken when I was about 14 and actually had good hair. What I appreciate the most about this photo is the fact that Carly is wearing a sweatshirt that she got from the Goodwill that says Burger King on it and that there’s a Clarion Wrestling calendar in the background. I’m fuzzy on the specifics, but I believe we won that from the Clarion University radio station by shamelessly flirting with the DJs on air.

Anyone remember when two piece prom dresses were popular? I went and bought mine, thinking I was so smart, but then half of the school went out and did the same thing. Not to mention, I was a little (read: a lot) upset that Carly went and got the exact same color as me. But it was her senior prom, you know. So I had to play nice.

That said, of the girls who got the two piece prom dresses wore them with modesty. Am I modest? Not so much. As my prom date and I walked out on the stage for the presentation, parents sat, mouths agape in the auditorium, staring at my bare midriff and pierced belly button.

And if you saw the photo of my prom date, he looked like a very happy camper.

Also, why is there always an obligatory show the leg photo?

Lastly, my junior homecoming. I wore a feather boa and my sister’s old dress from years past. Gotta keep it classy, I say.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. These pictures totally made my day! Hilarious and yet comforting because it made me feel better about looking like a boy once too. I will have to show them to you sometime as I will NOT be posting them on my blog because I am not as courageous and confident as you…plus mine are WAY worse. One word: perm. Oh how I apparently loved the perm. I once saw a picture in a magazine in which a “modern model” had her hair cut shorter on one side than the other. Well, for some reason i thought my hair would look that cool…BUT I refused to give up the perm or the mile high bangs that were ever so popular in the 80’s. Yeah. Am I painting a pretty enough picture of an ugly duckling with permed hair inches shorter on one side than the other and enough hairspray to hold up my bangs that would match any 80’s band supply? Thankfully I got better looking in high school to be able to pull off the perm that I still insisted on having lol.

    Thanks for posting you beautiful GIRL 🙂

    • Oh the perm! I had a perm! For many, many years as well! I blame Janet Jackson because on the cover of her album Janet, she had perfect curls.

      Now I have curly hair and would much prefer it to be straight-ish. Figures.

  2. If anyone tells you they didn’t have an awkward phase, they are lying through their teeth.

    And I can still manage to get mistaken for a boy when I wear a ballcap & big sweatshirt. 🙂

    Here’s to tomboys! I wouldn’t have had it any other way & I still think boys are more fun to play with than girls sometimes.

  3. Oh my gosh Cassie, your commentary was funnier than the photos. Butterfly clips? I had forgotten all about those! And I’m so jealous that you could confidently sport a bare midriff (not only was I fat in high school, but my mother would have killed me). Though I did wear my fair share of plaid flannel and oversized shirts because I also wanted to dress like a boy. I wanted a perm so bad, but my parents were not about to pay for it. I thank them now.

    And also, Jincos were my embarrassing bad photo trend. You know, those over sized pants that goth kids wore? Oh dear me. I’ll have to go digging for those photos.

  4. I totally would have ridden some bikes with you… you know, if I was 10 at the same time. In 1994, I was 33, so that might have looked a little awkward.

    I, as well, have zero room to talk. I hooked into every 70s fad that came along, from plaid bell bottoms to Saturday Night Fever silk shirts to Urban Cowboy hats, belt buckles and boots.

  5. I still think you look tooooooooootally hot as a boy. That kid in the Vikings hat? I’d hit that.

    If I was a kid myself, I mean.

    And if it was really a boy.

    You know what I mean.

    Maybe it’s because I, too, had short hair as a kid and was so often mistaken for a boy. My parents wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced until I was 10, but my mom practically forced stick-on earrings on me so people wouldn’t be as confused.

    You can now be a part of the periwinkle dress club that my friend Kim and I have! Who knew?

  6. I, too, was mistaken for a boy. Let’s be honest: If I didn’t have long hair now, in the wrong outfit I’d be mistaken for a man. I mean, I have ZERO curves. There are days I feel bad for my husband. (I get over it.)

    I love the serious picture. I can totally see where your adorable children get their big, soulful eyes. Thanks for sharing. Fun!

  7. I had the exact same haircut, so I totally sympathize. Except my mom insisted on curling under the ends of my hair, so I bore a truly unsettling resemblance to a circumcised penis.

    I don’t know how well your homecoming boa went over where you lived, but I can assure you that the South lauds a woman in feathers.

  8. I had a short haircut for only one year, but I remember EVERYTHING about the one time someone called me sir.

    Also, I think the b&w with the earrings is sort of lovely. And it definitely shows where your gorgeous kiddos get those bigole anime eyeballs.

    So THERE.

  9. Oh, my. The bunny/carrot sweater with the Vikings hat. Sexy is as sexy does.

    I may have to break out my leisure suit/afro pics from the 70s.

  10. You totally made me sing and dance. Twice. I love the oversized t-shirts! My horrible photos have me in clothes that were waaaayyyy too young for me. I dressed like a seven year old until I was thirteen- fourteen ish… and God help me, I loved wearing character tees until I got out of freshman year… of college. Mickey and Minnie rock my world. My favorite are the prom separates. I had pee- yellow as my pastel of choice. I thought I looked like Belle. Only I soooo didn’t. Thank God I lost thirty pounds before prom and couldn’t wear that thing.

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