A Claire perspective

Claire asked if she could use my camera to take some photos today. Since she’s reasonably responsible (read: ridiculously responsible for a four year old,) I told her it was OK.

She’s definitely got an eye. Though, I don’t really like what her eye always sees. Sure, it was just this one photo, but I look so gross after the gym.

She got Mae being angry. I was in the process of making her lunch.

Babies. They’re so dang impatient.

I mean, really.

A girl can only make a PB&J so fast.

So I mock her.

And then Maelie touched the lens and the rest of the pictures had peanut butter smeared on them.

But they were still super cute. Luca was playing by himself on the dining room table with his cars.

And how can she forget Sadie-Dog?

She also took pictures of the laundry basket, the messy counters and the living room, but I’ll spare you those.

All in all, I love her perspective. She’s a sweet little girl who took it very seriously.

How can you not love that?


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I love this! Especially that photo of you mocking Mae. Too cute.

  2. Go take a shower, ya hippie.

    Maybe I shouldn’t mock you what with that bundt cake incident and all.

    I love that you can trust Claire with your camera. Mae and her peanut butter fingers, on the other hand, are a menace to art.

  3. Carye gave Ian a disposable camera and a stuffed animal snake when he was four. His task was to take photographs with the snake in them. Man, I LOVED those photos – they were so good. Kids do, indeed, have a wonderful perspective. Good job, Claire!

  4. I think we kind of forget that a kid’s perspective of us comes from so far down. Makes you want to be sure you keep your nose hair trimmed really well.

  5. I always checked out other people’s nose hair, Bluz man. I still do, being five foot two and all. I love the making fun of the Hangry baby. (Hungry+Angry=Hangry, a new family fun term.)

  6. Hey, Claire’s pretty good at this! You know, I’m always on the lookout for a good second shooter…

    You’re so much more easygoing than I am. I would shit my pants if Harper got peanut butter on one of my lenses.

    (Yes, that was essentially an invitation to the universe to see to it that she barfs on one sometime in the near future.)

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