how I met Matt’s mother

In the almost three years I’ve had this blog, I’ve never told the story on how I met Matt’s mother.

Oh, it’s a good one.

So, Matt and I started dating at the end of 2004. Right around the holidays. He had been single for a while now, as had I, and I was excited to show him off to my mom.

I talked my mom and Carly’s ear off about this boy. Carly, at the time, had just started a new relationship as well, so we spent long hours talking about the new men in our lives. Swapping stories, gushing. You know. Squishy, new relationship stuff.

When I got a nasty cold that warranted me to go to my doctor’s back home in Clarion, Matt offered to drive me up. He had never met my mom and said he didn’t mind it being under the circumstances. He had to do it eventually, right?

It was a nice, easy visit. Mom liked him immediately.

All was good.

A few months later, we decided to move in together.

I remember the phone conversation as clear as if it were yesterday…

Matt: Did you get the link I sent you for the new apartment I’m moving into?
Julia (Matt’s mom): Yes, I did. But you only sent us the link for a one bedroom. What does the two bedroom look like?
Matt: I’m moving into a one bedroom, Ma.
Julia: But I thought you said you were moving in with a new roommate.
Matt: Yah, my girlfriend.
Julia: You have a girlfriend?

And that, ladies and gents is how Julia learned of her son’s newest girlfriend.

Enter moving day.

Frank (Matt’s dad) and Julia insisted on helping us move. After all, they needed to meet the new roommate…er girlfriend.

I could have killed Matt. I was so angry. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t told his parents about me. I almost was afraid that he was ashamed of me. I was 19, covered in tattoos, piercings, was a liberal and couldn’t remember the last time I went to church. Julia was straight laced, loved her some Jesus and was a devout servant of God.


Turns out he wasn’t ashamed of me, but he’s brought around a girlfriend or two in the past and Julia has made her assumptions. He figured, I was the one, I wasn’t going anywhere, why rush the process?

I was still mad.

So when they pulled up to the apartment and Frank immediately got to work. He’s a man of little words, and I immediately liked him. Julia on the other hand had a lot of questions. And I had a shaky history. And at that stage in my life, I made sure to wear long sleeves.

As we unpacked the kitchen, she turned to me and said, “Matt said you wouldn’t continue to date him if he continued to smoke. I’m glad you got him to quit.”

I turned to her and smiled. She seemed nice enough.

And with that, I guess, in some strange way in the universe, I was accepted into the family.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Although Holy Marilyn, Mother of Guy is hopelessly naive, things could definitely be worse in the mother-in-law department. All things being equal, I’d say I lucked out.

    It’s no wonder Julia liked you, though – how could she not?!

  2. What a crazy story. I would have been mad at Mark too! Though I met is mother amongst flames and ashes. That might be a good story to share as well.

    They got a fantastic daughter-in-law though, tattoos and all! 🙂

  3. How could she not love you? All it takes is a couple of minutes and you seal the deal. I bet she’s been lovin’ on you since that day.

  4. I mean, at least he didn’t tell his parents about you by inviting them to the wedding.

  5. I would have been so upset too! I loved that he told her you made him quit smoking. 🙂 The only way she wouldn’t love you is if she judged you right away but devout servants of God aren’t supposed to do that right? Once anyone knows you for just a minute, they’ll like you. You may have your history, tattoo’s and some scars but you’re one awesome person, Cassie!

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