Adulthood fail: paranoia

I recently bought face cream for my stupid hormonal zits. You’d think my body would be happy that it’s no longer pregnant, but NOOOOO. It feels it needs to make up for 4 years of lost time.

So today I got a package from Athens, Greece. I had no idea what I ordered from there, so I stood outside on my front stoop opening it as far away from my face as it could get just in case it was a bomb.

Sometimes I wonder how I’m even qualified to be an adult.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. A healthy dose of caution will get you a long way. No shame in that!

  2. I mean, the very worst thing that you could add to a face full of zits is a face full of blown-off skin. So I think you did the right thing.

    Although when I first read this, my brain assumed it said “as far away from the HOUSE,” because it figured you’d want to protect the precious children inside. But no.

  3. mrsbachelorgirl

    I always assume that mysterious packages are dead rats and pig hearts from embittered ex-boyfriends. So I understand your cautious nature.

  4. Hey girly-girl.

    Please to put this on face. Very good. Send drachmas because we are very broke. Please to notice warning: nothing from this container came from car battery, as far as you know.

    Here’s to your health. Opa!

    “Dr.” Zorba

  5. I have my not so adult moments myself. let me know what you think of your Greek concoction! I may need to look into that sometime! I always had a problem with breakouts. I thought pregnancy would wreak havoc on me but it seems to not be so bad.

  6. Deb K from Harrisburg

    While only tangentially related, this reminds me of when I cannot find my cell phone because I’m talking on it or can’t find my eyeglasses because they’re on top of my head. Just wait until you get older. Stuff like this happens so routinely that it becomes the new normal.

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