Eye-patch Claire

Well, the verdict is in. Claire, who has been dealing with a small lazy eye, saw the eye doctor again today. So, glasses and all, she got her vision checked.

The doctor thought that while there was a little bit of progress, she thought it’d improve more with eye-patching.

So, every day, for an hour she has to wear an eye patch.

For four months.

It’s been on now for 15 minutes and she’s already complaining. She was excited about it in the beginning, but she’s frustrated because her right eye is her weak eye and it’s working pretty hard.

Oh, and because she made a huge mess and I’m making her clean it up.

Pretty sure the eye patch has nothing to do with that.

Either way, an hour a day, she gets to look like this:

And that’s pretty darn cute.

Also, I read an article a week ago that summed up why I’m so proud of myself for having caught this so early. So, go me!


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  1. Is that, like, a giant eye Band-Aid? And is it going to rip out her eyebrow hair when you take it off?

    Because that adds a whole other dimension of awesomeness to this.

    • It IS like a giant bandaid. I do wonder about the whole eyebrow thing, but thenagain, I’m a nurse who rips off tape and adhesive bandaids and I do it with such finesse that they hardly loose any hair. Claire totally won in the mom department today.

  2. Deb K from Harrisburg

    OMG, she is such a Cassie mini-me! I was curious whether the photo was taken within the first 15 minute window or later, when she managed to display a pretty convincing smile that life would be OK with the patch.

    • It was taken after I first put it on. So… Yah… Still had a genuine smile. It comes off in 3 minutes. Not that she’s counting or anything.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. I’m totally blaming my next mess on eye trouble.

    She’s adorable!

  4. So disappointed. I was hoping it would be a black eye patch. Then she gets Mundane’s suggested leg-ectomy and a Pirate hat. How much are parrots?

    • mrsbachelorgirl

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the only way to do an eye patch right is with a skull and cross bones.

      Cassie, I know y’all got a Sharpie around there somewhere.

  5. I was right there with Bluz. I was thinking, she gets to play Captain Jack Sparrow for an hour every day! Arrrrgh.

  6. Cassie,
    Lauren went through the patching experience and after the band aid look our Dr. gave us a semi clear patch that went over her glasses lens. (think static cling) Distorts the vision in that eye without attracting the attention of the patch.
    Good luck to Claire!

    • Thank you so much, Joni, for popping in! I’m glad Lauren had a good outcome with it, since she looks normal to me! I hope all is well with you and the rest of the Batemans!

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