Fourteen Months

Tomorrow Maelie will be 14 months old.

While figuring out tonight’s workout for both RPM and abs/lower half, Mae walked up to me and I immediately called her Claire.

I know, that’s such a big parenting no-no when you have more than one kid and you mistake one for the other. But it’s not like I called her Sadie. (Which has been done before.)

But seriously. Claire at 14 months really does resemble Mae at 14 months.



Though, their personalities are way different. Claire listens to authority, even at a young age, but Miss Mae? She laughs at you when you try to tell her no. She reaches just a little further.

Claire would throw a fit every now and again, but Mae HATES being told no. I mean, loathes.

Maelie also makes herself heard. Claire is OK with warming up to a crowd then owning it.

However, both of them at this age had constant bruises and scrapes all over, because they are in fact a product of Matt and I, who were known to be quite the climbers back in our day.

She’s totally a third child.

Luca? At 14 months he looked like he does now. Just smaller.

So. My girls. I can’t wait to see if Mae continues to resemble Claire. Because she’s pretty cute.

I’m in trouble.

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. See, for me, Luca and Mae look exactly alike, and Claire is the milkman’s kid. You’re still clearly the mother of them all, though.

    And I’m not reeeeeeeady for her to grow uuuuuuuup!

  2. mrsbachelorgirl

    Third children are aces. Best example ever RIGHT HERE.

  3. Sarah has discovered climbing too and is covered in scrapes and bruises.

    She is going to get in trouble with Mae in a couple months.

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