Laundry Day

Today was laundry day. I don’t have a set day, I just kind of pick and choose, as the laundry piles up. I try to keep it so that I only have to do one or two loads at a time, so that makes laundry day a three or four time a week thing.

Maybe I should change the name to laundry week?

Anyhow, laundry day here is actually kind of fun. The kids always help, as it’s a part of their ‘chores’ I have them do. They each get a basket and fill it with their clothes. Claire typically changes into her worker costume and pretends she’s a garbage man.

Luca gets pretty excited about laundry day. As I fold his clothes, he looks at his pile and says, “YOU WASHED MY SPIDER MAN SHIRT! THANKS MOM!” “My socks are clean! Thanks, Mom!!” or my favorite, “YOU CLEANED MY MONKEY UNDIES! THANKS, MOM!” And he gives his undies a nice big hug.

At least they’re clean.

Maelie on the other hand tries to help by handing me laundry or just walking off with it. Sometimes it’s a pair of jammie shorts that she will put around her arm like a purse, or she’ll sometimes put underwear on her head.

Again, at least it’s clean, right?

And after all of the laundry is folded, the older two have to put it away. They sort it by tops and bottoms and undies and socks and then put it away.

Seriously, people. Start young. Right now it’s a fun game. I’ll enjoy it while I can.

As a side note, when we came home from the gym, I stuck Maelie in her highchair in the kitchen and gave her a bowl of mandarin oranges. I figured that’d buy me a few minutes so I could switch a load of laundry.

When I came up the stairs, Mae had not only finished her oranges, but she also figured she was done sitting in her highchair and decided that she could get herself out.

So, imagine if you will, me walking up the basement stairs and as I get to the top, Maelie is literally hanging on for dear life to the tray with her little legs dangling a few feet from the ground.

Just yesterday I found her in the pedestal sink in the bathroom. I have no earthly idea how she did that. The bowl of the sink comes to my hip. Just to give you an idea how tall it is.

I really should think about attaching a camera to her for a day, just to see all the things she does and sees. It would make an awesome documentary.


(Also, super shout out to Miss Sarah, as it is her FIRST BIRTHDAY! Go wish her some love over at Jessica’s blog!)


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  1. You absolutely should start kids that young with chores. It’s a lot easier than waiting until they’re older and have so many more things they’d rather do (like watch TV and play video games.) This way, it’s something it seems like they’ve always done. It’s easier to continue something than start it from scratch.

    Also, Maelie-cam would be a big hit. I’d watch…

  2. I love the laundry game (and that Claire pretends to be a garbage lady while putting it up. What does that say about her clothes?! 🙂

    Yikes about Mae! That would have scared me to death.

    And thanks for the birthday shout out!

  3. I only have Mia help me carry the dirty clothes basket to the laundry room because I have given her the task of taking her panties to her drawer before and have found them mixed in with the toys she got distracted by/started playing with. I do laundry every single day it seems but I honestly do not mind it. The reason why? Beacuse for the longest time while in college (remember it took me 8 years lol and NO I AM NOT A DR. lol) I did not own a washing machine or dryer so off to the laundry mat I went. every weekend. with my bag of laundry. with my quarters. with my soap. and new bag to put the clean clothes in. being stuck there waiting there for my clothes to wash and dry because I have had things stolen before. Yeah. After having to do that…I think I might have made out with my washing machine and dryer when I finally got them. 🙂

    Mae and her daring escape….eek…she had things to do and places to go lol! Please keep that camera handy from now on because these stories are hilarious. (well, I do understand not snapping a pic while your daughter hung on for dear life HA but for other, less dangerous things of course.

  4. mrsbachelorgirl

    Why do you think I want to have so many kids? It’s so that when our housekeeper retires, I’ll already have my little army of worker monkeys trained and ready to go! (My goal here is to never have to mop my own floors again for the rest of my life.)

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