Sweating and Rocking Out

When I first took over the abs and lower half sculpting class, I kept it pretty close to how the previous instructor had it. Then as I got more comfortable with it, I realized that music is far more important to me than to just have it playing in the background. So I slowly started incorporating songs into moves.

Now I have it set up so that during each song, we’re doing a certain move or hitting a certain target area.

This has been beneficial in many ways. One, I finally can remember an entire workout without having to have a cheat sheet stashed somewhere. Another, I finally feel more confident. I have it all worked out and choreographed so that I can make sure that the members are actually getting a decent workout.

Be it a curse or a blessing, my music style is quite eclectic. But, I try to not only reach a wide variety of styles and people, but I also don’t think a top 40 song can do the same thing as a classic rock song can do sometimes. Holding a plank to “We Will Rock You,” is far more doable than if it’s to Kei$ha. But Kei$ha is very uplifting for doing a zillion squats at a time.

A few weeks ago during abs, I actually had a few members singing along.

That made me very happy.

Last week, a member said to me, “You know who Jason Mraz is?!” I looked at her like she had 10 heads. Of COURSE I know who he is! I only have been listening to him since I was a junior in high school. I think what impressed her the most was the fact that I used a song that isn’t common whatsoever.

The week before that, a member asked me who the cool down singer was.

I informed her that it was, in fact, Joe Purdy.

This week we’re working out to more newish alternative music with some old stuff mixed in.

Here’s my workout this week:

Lower Half:

Warm up: Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
Squats: Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand
Squats with Jumping Jacks and some other speed work drills: Tongue Tied: Grouplove
Duck walks with skaters: I Wanna Go by Britney Spears
Outer and inner thigh sculpting: If by Janet Jackson
Hamstrings: Trojans by Atlas Genius
Butt and hamstrings: It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
Cool down: When You Were Young: The Killers


Warm Up: Midnight City by M83
Upper abs: Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson
Lower abs: Tick Tick Boom by The Hives
Upper and lower abs: A-Punk by Vampire Weekend
Obliques: This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
Back work: Gold on the Ceiling by Black Keys
Planks: We Will Rock You by Queen
Cool Down: We Are the Champions by Queen

(You can’t have We Will Rock You without We Are the Champions, right?)

I honestly think that a good workout starts with good music.

What do y’all listen to when you work out? I’m always up for fun suggestions.


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  1. mrsbachelorgirl

    I love hearing what music other people work out to, because I swear to you, a really great song is sometimes (often) the only thing that gets me through the last five minutes of my workout.

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting this. I’m going to update my workout playlists!

  3. I feel so… freakin… old! OK, I knew 3 of the songs… the two by Janet Jackson (I love “If.”) and the Queen Rock you/Champions. (I consider those to be one song)

    My workout would consist of AC/DC, followed by AC/DC, and then some more AC/DC. Maybe some Judas Priest to cool down.

  4. The gym in Kamran’s building is kind of infuriating, because they play an 80s/90s/now-type radio station where the emphasis is on now. So I end up hearing a whole lot of I-don’t-even-know-what-it-is for every one awesome Phil Collins song. I bring my iPod, but since I only listen to emo crybaby stuff . . . I need this.

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