Last race before the big one

I’m on a roll. Two weeks ago I beat my personal best on the Cook Forest half marathon and today I beat my personal best on the Genesis Riverside Run 10K.

Pre-race we felt good. Matt and I each had our own goals. I wanted to beat my previous PR of 57 minutes and Matt wanted to break 50 minutes.

I started out good, I felt like I was keeping a 9 1/2 minute pace. I was taking my time getting into my stride.

Wasn’t I surprised when at mile 1 the guy called out 8:26.

Mile 2 felt even better at 8:09.

But then we had a decent hill and it took me a bit longer to recover from that with a pace of 8:56.

Mile 4 was also very hilly, where we hit the trail on an island in the Allegheny. My pace was slower at 9:35.

But then we got back on the regular trail and I picked it up at an 8:22 pace.

Then, we got back near the city and I picked it up at a 7:49 pace.

I realized today that only in Pittsburgh do you gauge the end of the race by how many bridges you have left to run under.

I crossed the line at 52:04 and saw Matt waiting for me.

He looked shocked. He said he had expected me around 55 minutes.

12th place ain’t so bad. Next year I’m totally going for sub 50, though.

Matt kicked some serious ass. 6th place? Heck yah. (These places are all in our age group, FYI. Matt was 45th overall and I was 121st overall.)

So, today was a good day. A good day all around.

Please let me remind you that I’m only 100 dollars shy of my minimum donation needed to race with Team Lemieux on May 6th.

You know, for the marathon and all.

If you can, even just 5 bucks, help a sister out.

It goes to babies!

There’s a link on the right hand column or you can simply click here.

And stay tuned for May 6th. Come race day, I believe I’ll have twitter and facebook updates as to where I am on the course and the time I’m expected to finish. If you want to follow along, I’ll make sure to provide information on that at a later date.

Lastly, super good luck to my friend, and reader, Lauren who is running the Boston Marathon Monday! I hope for her sake the weather forecasters are wrong and the temps are in the 60’s with a slight overcast.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Congrats! I can’t imagine running one mile in under nine minuntes and you did it mile after mile. So proud of you! I hope you get all the donations you need and slay that marathon!

  2. So there’s a guy. Who tells you what time it is as you pass him. Meaning that he yells out the time hundreds of times during the race?

    Oh, yeah, and great job to both of you!

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