A post about sickness.

Sunday ended with Claire complaining of a stomach ache. We believed her, but she still wanted to play. So, as she and Luca played superhero, her stomach pains got worse until she threw up in the dining room on Matt.

For those of you who say that you’d do anything for your kid? Me, too. I walked through vomit for mine.

I’m not going to get graphic, but to sum up, we had to mop 4 rooms and break out the steam cleaner.

We had assumed it was food poisoning since no one else felt sick and Matt was afraid he had undercooked her lunch time fish, which she ate a truck load of, and then proceeded to give it back to us.

For the record, she was in fantastic spirits the whole time. Not only did she get the tub to herself, but she also got to snuggle with Matt uninterrupted for a full hour.

She was up at 3 AM, where she proceeded to come right up to my face and tell me that she got sick in her bed. As I reached out, her hair and shirt were soaking wet.

I don’t know about you, but most kids would sit in their bed screaming for their mom or dad to help them. Not Claire. She didn’t want to make us sad or angry. So instead, she gently woke me up by saying, “Mommy? Mommy. I threw up in my bed. I’m sorry.”

Poor girl. Matt got her bed cleaned up, I got her cleaned up, and then Matt ended up sleeping in her room for the duration.

Maelie, who hadn’t been eating much the day before, (which is UNHEARD OF, PEOPLE) woke up at 6:15 and was in half happy spirits. She refused to eat or drink anything.

I had to teach at the gym last night, so Matt said he’d be home early to watch Claire. I figured I’d take Luca and Mae to the daycare. But when 4:30 rolled around, Luca was still sleeping and Mae had just woken up and was in no mood for 2 hours at the gym.

So, I headed off to the gym, childless. When I was done teaching, I called Matt.

Me: Did you want me to stop at the Express to get you something for dinner?
Matt: I made butter noodles with some parm and no one wants to eat it. Luca’s complaining that his stomach hurts.
Me: Oh no.
*Crying in the background*
Matt: That’s Luca. He just started cry-and he just threw up on me.

I was half way in the Express when he threw up, so I quickly grabbed more Pedialyte and some ice cream for Matt and drove home at an alarming speed.

On the way, I called Jess. I needed someone to keep me from passing cars on a back road.

When I got home, Luca was in the tub, happy as a clam because, as Claire had the night before, he got it all to himself. Matt, yet again, had the steam cleaner out and was scrubbing the door of the bathroom.

All I could think was, Good effort, Luca. You tried to make it there.

I got Luca cleaned up and we sat on the couch, watching a movie.

And then it started. The begging.

Luca: Mommy, can I have some water?
Me: No, buddy, I don’t want you to throw up again.
Luca: Can I have ice cubes?
Me: Soon, baby. Not yet.
Luca: Please, Mommy? Please? I want a drink.

So an hour after the incident, I let him have an ice cube.

And hour after that? It came back up.

Then the begging began again.

See, I should know better. When I’m at work, and have a patient who has been throwing up, we don’t let them have anything by mouth. You have to let the gut rest. Did I do that for Luca? No. Even just one ice cube can upset the stomach.

I had to keep hearing, “But why Mom? I’m thirsty,” over and over and over.

Broke my heart in two.

Before he went to bed (which was late, because his blanket was in the dryer) I let him have a few sips of water and he went straight to sleep.

This morning, Maelie has been making up for lost time on foods she hasn’t eaten in almost two days. Luca is tolerating Pedialyte and cheerios and Claire is still sleeping.

Claire is so obedient. While I know this is a typical trait of a first born, Claire goes beyond that and also feels emotion for everyone around her. As a kid, I was guilty of that often. I don’t know how many times my mom would tell me, “Don’t feel for me, hun.” It felt like Claire was one step away from saying, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll clean up my own throw up. I don’t want to be a bother.”

Luca on the other hand is, still 2 of course, but much more assertive.

So the day before, when I told Claire she couldn’t have anything to eat or drink for a while, she was OK with it.

Luca on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted chocolate milk. He wanted water. He wanted crackers.

Everyone seems OK now. So I’m sure we’ll be fine by this afternoon, but man. This was the worst.

Fingers crossed.



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  1. Oh no, that sounds bad … Your poor kids – but they are troopers! And poor you and Matt – it must be so hard to deny them something to drink …
    I hope it is all over now and doesn’t come back for a long, long time…

  2. Oh honey, I am so sorry! Poor babies! And poor Mommy and Daddy!! Such a helpless feeling when your kids are sick…I can’t imagine with more than one being sick at a time but I know I can’t say that for long bc it is bound to happen. Boo! Sounds like your kiddos are real troopers though even with the begging of fluids lol and hopefully they are all on the mend. Such a good Mamma, Daddy to some pretty amazing kids. 🙂

  3. OK, so maybe it’s NOT because of the Penguins.

    I was a lot like Claire when I was little. Always felt guilty about being sick… having to bother my parents. But getting some solo face-time rocked!

  4. oh no! Poor kiddos! hope they are all better soon

  5. I feel so bad for you. It’s terrible when one person feels like that, but to have two back to back like that is extremely rough.

    Also, I’m glad I kept you from being a wreckless driver. Anytime. I’m here.

  6. I have to admit that the blue carpet that led from my bedroom to the first floor of our house was stained with lighter spots because of all the times I got out of my bed to tell my parents I was sick and then threw up on the way down. Why was I so vomitous?

    I was going to ask what kind of family has their own steam cleaner, but it sounds like you guys need it. Badly.

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