Mobile Uploads

Today, I posted a photo of something Claire drew today on Facebook. This lead to Claire wanting to see all the photos I’ve uploaded.

20 years later, we got through them all and I realized that it’s a really cool way of looking back at the highlights of a certain time frame.

Now you have to suffer.

I ran my first 10 miles since I was 17 in preparation for my first half marathon.

I ran my first half marathon.

I ran in the freezing, freezing cold with Bethany.

Five days later it ended up being 60 degrees, so I ran 10 miles in that.

Then many, many months later, I ran 20 miles with my best friend and hot, hot hubby.

I decided to become a spin instructor and practiced a lot.

I lifted a lot of weights.

My hard work payed off and I got 3 classes all to my self (now 4.)

Claire got her eyes dilated.

Then she got glasses. (And her yellow belt!)

Before the yellow belt, she had the orange headband.

Luca was secure in his manhood to ride the pink and purple tricycle. He calls it his ‘motorcycle bike.’ Also, notice how his second toe lifts. I’ve never known someone who can do that, but he can lift it at will.

I loved on my little man.

I took the baby on a plane.

The kids dressed up in Halloween costumes in November. (Yes, this is real life.)

Mae perfected the fine art of sneak attack: kitty style.

The kids made Zombie art.

Maelie got even cuter.

And mischievous.

And then she turned one.

Claire gave up her original Crosby shirt when she got a new, much better fitting one to her brother. (She has a long way to go to fade the new one.)

I got fantastic birthday cards from best friends.

Claire went back to the eye doctor and learned she had to be “Patchy-McGoo” for the next 4 months. (Just an hour a day.)

Claire continued to be afraid of thunder.

Claire proved she only owns sports related clothing.

My best friend Ian proved he is a child.

Matt got thrown into the penalty box and my mom is a perv.

We had thunderstorms in December.

And I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Oh, and Pittsburgh, too.


That’s a lot of photos, guys. Lots of memories.



About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

Posted on April 19, 2012, in Cassie. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. This is the favourite post of my life!

    In the third picture, I legitimately have no idea if that’s Claire or Luca. That’s how alike they look. Mae is so cute I almost died 18 times while reading this. The “yes, this is real life” picture! They’re all so good. I’m going to stop reading your blog forever now, because nothing will ever be this good. I still hate phone photography. But not yours.

  2. You’re in trouble now… seems you’ll have a new Photo Editor.

  3. Sometimes it feels like nothing is happening in life, but then you look back (and at photos) and realized that LIFE has been happening. Cool post.

  4. I love this post so much, especially Mae’s kitty sneak attack!

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