Five dollars of kindness

Last year for Claire’s 4th birthday, I deposited her birthday money into her high interest rate savings account. (So much better than a regular savings, yo.) She wanted to know when she’d get it back, and why I was giving her money to the bank. After carefully explaining it to her, over the next 4 months, she finally understood and periodically makes me log in so she can see it sitting in her account.

Last week, Matt and I needed three dollars in cash to park for our race downtown. Naturally I had no cash whatsoever on me, and neither did Matt, so he asked Claire if he could borrow from her piggy bank with the promise of paying her back.

She flipped out.

So, you see, she’s a hoarder of money.

Yesterday, however, she did something I would have never imagined she would think to do.

If you remember, Luca picked out Claire’s 4th birthday gift – a Captain America mask and shield. She loves that thing. Wears it all the time and pretends all the time. Claire and her amazing ability to feel for others, thought he was feeling left out, not having his own.

I was in the kitchen making these amazing snacks (shamless plug!) and gchatting with Angela when she did the unthinkable.

She went upstairs to her room and brought down the five dollars that her grandparents gave her for Easter and said, “I want to use my money to buy Luca something special for his birthday.”

I was in awe. I mean, complete awe.

So, today after Mae woke up from her morning nap, we went to Target and Claire not only insisted on walking through the store instead of being in the cart (they have those fancy 3 seaters, you know,) she also insisted on holding her five dollars all through the store until she gave it to the cashier.

We promptly went to the toy section and she asked Luca what he’d like more, Captain America, Thor or Ironman masks.

He said he wanted to be cool like Claire, and chose the Captain America mask.

She said, “OK, buddy. It’s yours! Happy Birthday!”

And I died.

If I were a more emotionally charged woman, I would have cried right then and there in the store.

This is huge, guys. HUGE.

(Of course, the mask was 10 dollars, but she doesn’t need to know that. And I sprung for the matching shield like Claire has at home.)

Claire proudly marched through Target to the checkout line and handed the cashier her 5 dollars and said AND I QUOTE, “I worked really super hard for that money. But I’m spending it on my bestest little brother, Luca. It’s his birthday soon.”


Say what you will about kids these days. Mine won’t be that way. I refuse.

By doing what she did she not only gave Luca a lesson in kindness…

She taught him that being a good kid is cool.

And you can’t buy that.


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  1. Oh, my gosh, those last two pictures. Too much. I’m hereby done with kids who don’t like having their pictures taken.

    See if this makes you cry instead:!

    But for real, what exactly did Claire think she worked so hard at to earn that money? Being nice to her grandparents? Okay, she’s right, that IS work.

  2. Wow. I am so impressed with Claire. You have some amazing kids with huge hearts and adorable looks. You won the kid lottery (oh, and you did a good job of raising them too. 🙂

  3. SO sweet.

    Also: I admire that you didn’t cry. I think I’m going to be a godawful crier of a mom. Efffff. I hope not. Any chance having kids will harden me?? No??

  4. The Captains America… unreal.

    At the beginning, I thought you were going to say that Claire wanted interest on the $3, because maybe when you taught her about banking you included the primary tenet of the industry… “Whatever you do, charge a fee.”

  5. Ok, so you might not have cried, but I am getting teary-eyed just reading it …
    Your kids are ace – and so are their poses!

  6. Claire is an amazing little girl. So proud of her and you for raising such a great girl. You just can’t find kids like this anymore and it’s sad. Great job, Claire! I totally loved this and the pictures!

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