Kiln ‘n Time

Yesterday, Claire, Luca and I went to a pottery place called Kiln ‘n Time. For Christmas, Claire had received a groupon for it and with Luca’s third birthday slowly creeping upon us, we decided to go and paint up some pottery.

The place itself is fantastic. It’s right on Penn Ave in Lawrenceville, just past the 40th street bridge.

The storefront has huge windows, twenty feet up. It’s built out of an old row house and has been beautifully kept up.

The kids chose coffee mugs. Because that’s what Matt drinks out of every day. They wanted to be cool like him.

Claire, of course, chose her favorite color, green. In every hue.

She wanted to paint with black, but the owner told her that none of her hard work would shine through after. So she stuck with greens.

Luca, that sweet heart, chose orange, since that’s his favorite color. Subsequently, he liked the pink and yellows, too.

Go on with your bad self, little dude.

It was seriously the best 30 minutes and 30 dollars we’ve spent in a long time.

And in a few days, we’ll have them in our house, glazed and fired.

Though, telling an almost 3 year old he has to wait that long never goes over well.


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  1. That looks like so much fun! They’ll be so proud of their mugs!

  2. We have a place here like that called Arts on Fire. I love painting pottery! I can’t wait until Sarah is old enough to do this, we will be doing it all the time. In fact, we may have to go make handprint plates here soon…

    So cute.

  3. I’ve always wanted to do that, but my skills as an artist begin and end with Photoshop. I could probably Pollack a mug if someone held a gun to my head, though. I love that Luca thought to paint inside, too!

  4. I still have this odd glazed clay thingamabob that I made in 3rd grade. (You know it’s bad when your mother is eager to give it to you when you move out.) I’ll have to publish a photo sometime. But I’ll never forget how amazed I was when this ugly, flat-finish looking thing went in the kiln, but a shiny, glossy ugly thing came out later.

  5. Love that place! Luca is quite the Jackson Pollock. Claire’s is a little more Van Gogh.

  6. Thank you and your kids were great little painters! I hope they are enjoying their masterpieces.

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