Before and After: Landscaping Edition

I love my house. It’s in the perfect location off of a back road in a cul de sac. That was the big selling point when we were debating between two houses many years ago.

However, the previous owners had a landscape architect as a family member. They loved their mulch. I mean, there was so. much. mulch. It went from the front of the house all the way out the mailbox and sweeping in front and back and to the sides…we were drowning in mulch. So a few years back, we grew some grass but left a lot of the mulching as is.

Pain in the ass is what it is.

Now, you’d think that the landscape architect would know better and plant higher quality shrubs. But alas, we were left with these things:

And if they’re in your yard, I’m sure they’re beautiful. But did you see the size of these things?!

For six years I’ve hated them.

This is not dramatic. Ask anyone who has ever been to my house. I HATE THESE BUSHES.

But guess what? They’re gone! Gone! GONE! Well. Half of them are gone. Matt didn’t want to go all Texas Chainsaw Massacre all in one day.

It may have taken a chain saw, a hatchet, a chain, a pickup truck, swearing, digging and more swearing, but they’re out!

And now a lovely cherry blossom tree replaces it.

And a lot of mulch.

We also edged. As you will see from the photos, and don’t judge, we needed the edging done badly.

Without further ado – before and after: landscaping edition.







Oh, wait. Never mind. The first photo was just because she was angry at me. The second photo was because I told her she couldn’t go play with the chainsaw. I know, I’m a bitch.





And I’m exhausted.


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  1. Is it bad that I love it that you took pictures of Maelie while she was crying? Well, I do…

    That sounds like such a lot of work, but isn’t it great to work hard and afterwards see results! Such a huge difference. Oh, and your house looks really nice!

    • Oh, thanks! I do love my little yellow house.

      I love taking photos of the kids when they’re flipping out. I often show Claire what she looks like and it’ll stop a tantrum dead in its tracks.

      I also take videos of them flipping out. Even more fun.

  2. I’m cracking up because we currently have nearly the exact same wreath hanging on our door. Pinterest much?

    • Seriously? That’s AWESOME. I made that sucker a while ago and even blogged about it. Believe it or not, the link was sent to me via email instead of pinterest. Is that like what’s happening with snail mail?

  3. My yard consists entirely of rocks. It might be my favorite thing about living in Arizona other than the no snow thing. I hated my parents huge yard with the fire of 1000 suns because it.was.never.done. I commend you for your hard work, and it looks amazing, but I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with yard work : )

  4. I’d mulch the entire front yard. I sort of miss the smell sometimes, but in general, I really don’t miss mowing the lawn every weekend.


    The yard is nice, but the Mae pictures are THE BEST. Really, though, no chainsaw?

  6. It looks awesome! Way to go!

    Also, totally love that photo of Claire in the tree… and of Mae screaming.

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