Did I do the right thing?

The kids and I were on the way home from the gym, coming up our back road, when I noticed a cat crossing the road about 500 feet ahead. The road we were on isn’t busy, but people drive it too fast and it’s just an accident waiting to happen.

As we pulled closer, the cat dropped something and ran off. What it dropped was a tiny, little kitten.

I put the car in park and ran out to the kitten before the pickup truck could run it down. He stopped, smiled said, “Aw,” and drove off. He looked like he was getting ready to stop to save the kitten himself. I scooped the kitten up and dropped it about 10 feet away from where the mother cat was sitting.

Pleased with myself, we drove home, about 3 blocks away.

I pulled into the driveway and worried. Was the kitten OK? Was the mom going to take it back? What if it was hurt?

I sat there for about 10 minutes and then drove back to where I left the kitten sit. The mom was now nowhere to be found and the kitten was crying for its mother. I sat there about five minutes more and I just couldn’t bear hearing the kitten crying, so I went out and scooped it up, drove home, grabbed the cat carrier and drove off to the Animal Rescue League, which also happens to be our vet.

We got there and a vet tech looked it over, said the kitten was a girl and seemed in generally good health. She gave me a reader on what I should do with it and told us to come back in a month for shots and sent us on our way.

Matt wasn’t too thrilled with the fact that I insisted on taking the kitten home instead of surrendering it, but I can’t help it. My heart is too dang big.

So off we went to Petco and got all the things the vet tech told us to get. Kitten formula, wet food, dry food to start next week and so on and so forth.

I brought her home, mixed up some of the kitten formula and sat on the floor of my bedroom feeding her.

The vet’s office estimated she’s about 3 weeks old. She’s tiny, guys. Tiny.

I set her up in a comfy plush donut bed in the kitten cage, gave her a litter box and set the rest of the formula and wet food in a dish for her. She’s set up in our bathroom where she’s free from the kids, the dog and the other two cats.

When I called Matt to tell him that she was in fact a she, he sighed.

Matt: Another girl cat, Cass? Really?
Me: I couldn’t leave her there, Matt. I just couldn’t.
Matt: I know, but still. That gives us three cats. We have to give her away.
Me: We’ll talk about this later.
Matt: Oh yes we will.

So. For now. I have a kitten who has yet to be named. She’s black with a small white patch on her chest and is as sweet as can be. I just hope she’s strong enough to survive our house.

I still can’t help but wonder, though, if I had left her, would her mother have taken her back? Was I too quick to save her? Did I do the right thing?

I hope so, because I hate this feeling of thinking she would have been OK, but at the same time thinking she would have been roadkill.

And I hope her mother will forgive me, if she had planned on eventually coming back for her.

I’m so torn.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. She could have been roadkill, or her mother could have picked her up, raised her, and added her to the unspayed feral pet population. Either way, you did the right thing.

    Honestly, even if the cat belonged to a family and was going to be carried back to their home, you did the right thing, because that family clearly doesn’t do the right thing by their pets.

    You’re solid.

  2. She probably has a litter somewhere. Cats never just have one kitten. Tell Matt he got off easy. Last summer, Jean rescued 5 feral kittens and the mother from a neighbor’s backyard. She had them all fixed and eventually gave them all away. But for a while, we were cat central.

    • Matt wins this round. We’re searching high and low for a new family for her. She’s so stinkin’ cute, but we have a zoo already here as it is.

  3. unapologeticallymundane

    This is just what happened to us in the Hamptons last year, and now my friends have a happy, healthy, well-loved cat. So yeah. MAYBE there was a chance the mother would come back for Maxwell Hollingsworth III, but I think it’s more likely that you saved a little kitten’s life.

  4. Yes, you did the right thing! You saved her and found her a home. That’s major karma points right there.

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