what facebook gave me

Let’s be real here. Half the people we’re friends with on Facebook, we’re probably not even real life friends with. Like, we may have met them once or twice, or went to high school with them and since parted ways, or met them once and thought they were funny, so you added them as a friend.

And Facebook is also addicting. We all know it. Even though some people don’t ever post a thing, they’re still on. Stalking, creeping, doing what they do. Reading and being nebby. Knowing each intimate detail of your life that you’re willing to share.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard from people, “I was looking at that photo you posted the other day…” and yet, no comment, no ‘like’ click, just looking at it and moving on. Which is fine by me, I look and read a crap-ton of statuses in a day and don’t click ‘like’ on every one. It’s not like a recognition of who read what, it’s if you really like it, you click it. But still. There’s no stat counter. Who knows how many people, that don’ t have me hidden, see what I post every day yet say nothing.

I’d probably rather not know.

I mean, for example. I post these blogs to Facebook and then people click on it, and wordpress tells me how many come from Facebook. More than half of  y’all, come from Facebook. So, it could be an old boyfriend reading, a coworker, a friend, but still someone who I’m friends with on Facebook. I find that incredibly amazing. If you were the person from high school who didn’t really know me, but friended me and then reads my stuff because it’s interesting to you, kudos. If you’re a former coworker and knew me during the ridiculousness of 2004, and you’re reading to make sure I turned out fine, I did. And if you’re a friend, you must be a sucker for punishment. Just kidding, just kidding.

Facebook has given me so much. So I take the bad with the good, with the bad being the addicting factor.

Recently, I posted about that kitten I rescued. She has since found a new home, thanks to Facebook, to a girl I graduated high school with. I hadn’t seen her in nearly five years, but I could recognize her voice anywhere. And when I called her to make arrangements for the kitty’s pickup, it was like we had just talked last week. She looked the same, sounded the same and was still just as kind as when we went to school together.

Thanks, Facebook.

After I had Mae, I needed to get back into shape. A long time friend of mine, Liz, wanted to do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. So her and I virtually worked out every day for 30 days. She lives in DC and because of it, every day we’d post to Facebook our progress and to keep in check. And we did it. All 30 days, consecutively, even though some days we just didn’t feel like it. And when I told her that I was running the marathon (BECAUSE I TOTALLY RAN A MARATHON, GUYS!) (That’ll never get old saying that,) she made sure she had the weekend off so she could cheer me on. I hadn’t seen her, probably since she graduated high school two years ahead of me, but still she came.

Thanks again, Facebook.

Another girl, Jen, whom I barely knew from high school, has been a huge supporter of me running the marathon by both supporting me financially during my fundraiser, but also by writing me the most amazing comments and constantly checking in on me. She was kind and positive and made me feel that what I was doing was the right thing. All the hard training, all the miles, everything – she was there. She told me that I was an inspiration, that I could do it. It was amazing.

So, again, thanks, Facebook.

Facebook has given me a view into the outside world, and as a mostly stay at home mom, that’s gold. It’s shown me how others live their lives, and whether or not I agree with how it’s done, it’s so amazing to see. I get to share accomplishments with others. I get to see their babies being born, jobs being started, school being finished. I get to be a part of their lives, even if it’s not directly so. Facebook has been a comfort to me and has made me feel not so alone during my postpartum depression. It gives me something to look forward to when the kids go down for naps. It keeps me in the loop with my family.

Facebook has given me Jessica, running partners, gym friends, old Fridays coworkers, Katie Ett, high school memories, a look into the past, new Southern friends, g chat sessions, ideas, inspiration, laughs, a place to vent, a place to find out I’m not alone and people to play words with friends against.

While it may seem lame to some that I think so highly of Facebook, it’s just how I feel. I’m a social person, but I can’t go out every night. I’m a home-body and I enjoy corresponding via email rather than phone. I love to chat on gmail and Facebook private message. It’s who I am. I make no excuses. And every so often when I finally do something worthy, I post it on Facebook. (Which apparently is pretty often. So sue me.)

Today I posted this photo:

I posted it because it makes me so proud to see me smiling and running with the love of my life. And I posted it because I hope it makes someone else smile, too.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. mrsbachelorgirl

    That photo of you and Matt made me cry a little. That’s weird, isn’t it? But don’t laugh at me! It’s inspiring! And I’m really proud of you guys!


  2. Quit sabotaging my Facebook break, Cassie Conti! Just kidding, but I totally am missing it because of many of the reasons you stated.

    • Hah! I forgot you just gave it up! Stay strong or come back. If you can get the addiction part in check or learn to accept it, it isn’t that bad for you.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. I came because you’re awesome, an inspiration, and motivation. You’re attitude is amazing and makes me realize that’s how I have to approach my distance races. Dread is just a self sabatoger. I am very glad that Facebook was able to connect us as virtual workout buddies! I dropped the ball on the signs (I blame Ian’s car) but I feel pretty dang special that I got a shout out anyway. Xoxo

  4. I bet you were smiling because you were talking smack to the old lady you just passed.

  5. How did I get on the list behind old Fridays co-workers?!?!

    I just realized that I really should have made a shirt for you with ads for all of my various web presences on them. Screw charity! You’re my walking (running) billboard next year.

  6. I say use Facebook for whatever you need it to be. I have very little contact with 98% of my “friends” there. But I have reconnected with three old friends, which has been rewarding. The rest is fluff. Of course, I’m at the age where I care very little what anybody else things about me. So, I could also see myself chucking it at any time. The day will come (soon) when something else come along and Facebook will turn into MySpace. You hear that all you IPO stock purchasers? The clock is running.

    Besides, I’m convinced that most people primarily use Facebook for cyber-stalking old flames. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  7. Hahah… I def met you in the rediculousness of 2004! I knew you’d be fine tho… Mainly cuz u met Matt lol. I enjoy reading your blogs tho. Your entertaining!

  8. What’s really funny is when I run into FB acquaintances in Target. We totally stalk each other, but it’s awkward saying hi IRL. FB has given me so much too. You’re a brave soul Noel, I don’t think I could quit it.

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