Let them eat paint!

If you’ve spent more than five minutes at a time before with me, you’d quickly learn that I love a good craft that the kids can do, but won’t get thrown away in a week.

Perhaps you remember the art project of mass proportions? That was about 20 dollars of fun, right there.

Or the wood shim mirror? That was about 30 bucks. Looks awesome, too.

Either way. I love to do things like that.

Last week I had the kids make stepping stones from a kit I got at Michaels.

And they’re great and everything, especially since the kids got to get messy with concrete, but the kids got messy with CONCRETE. Not something I wish to repeat in the near future.

I’m much calmer when paint is being slung around. And while it annoys Matt to no end that there are flecks of paint on our dining room ceiling, it is what it is. He knew when he married me I was a creative force to be reckoned with.

Sorry, buddy.

So today we had to run out to Lowe’s to return some things that we got too much of and to buy a new weed whacker for Matt since his old one just mysteriously died one day. I decided we needed some legitimate stepping stones to go across our mulch so that the kids would stop getting splinters. (I know, shoes work, too, but I, personally, only wear them when necessary and would like a nice stepping stone, too.)

And what is a cheap stepping stone, you ask? Pavers.

At a dollar fourty for a 12×12 paver, you just can’t beat that.

But grey concrete is so boring.

Enter paint and kids!

Again, please note we naked paint in my house. It’s the only way to get down.

Maelie had no idea what to think of paint, since this was her first painting experience.

So she got the paint in her hair at the first chance. We even had the blue faux hawk going on.

For the record, the first time Luca painted, he cried, so this is a step up, right?


Once they’re dry, I’ll seal them with some acrylic and bam. Stepping stones for four dollars and twenty cents. THAT is what’s up.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. mrsbachelorgirl

    I cannot WAIT to do craft projects with Rat-Rat. Custom kid-made home decor, here we come!

  2. Why does Mae look so much like Sarah here? It totally freaks me out.

    But that is one awesome craft project. I’m just hoping Sarah isn’t terrified of paint…

  3. I love the look on Maelie’s face: kind of intrigued, but also kind of I-am-not-so-sure-about-that-Mom. But it seems she did a really nice job!

  4. Hi there!

    I feel remiss in not having commented earlier, because this isn’t about your (very, very cute) children, but rather a congratulations on your marathon victory. And a victory I know it truly was, for every finisher.

    As I struggle to run a half mile without stopping, I reflect on and relish vicariously your 26.2 mile achievement. It does help keep me going, and pushing myself.

    Well done, and, again, my sincerest congratulations and best wishes on the next one!

    • And THANK YOU. Seriously. Keep at it. Endurance takes a long time to build, but once you have it, and you knock out one mile at a time, you feel untouchable. I want you to feel that. So keep at it.

  5. Oh, my god, your chaaaaaaaaaairs. They have paint on them! I’m crying. I know YOU don’t care. But I’m crying!

    That first picture of Luca is amazing. Did you use flash? It’s so bright and yet so soft.

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