Luca’s birthday: Part two – the party

It was a hot day, guys. I mean, 90 degrees of hot. And humid to boot.

We kept it simple, food, presents, cake, slip ‘n slide.

I of course fussed over the cake. I made it, so of course, I’d fuss over it.

It tasted fantastic, for the record.

But Luca didn’t care if his cake was pretty or not. He wanted it to be cool.

For the record – cake toppers you can keep make way more sense.

The birthday boy posed for exactly three photos.




And that was kind of the last time I saw him.

No, he opened up gifts. He ate cake. He smiled a few times. He said thank you and then made his escape to the outdoors, where the pool and slip ‘n slide awaited him.

So I posed with my brother.

Posed with my sister.

And watched Maelie demand food from the boys.

She, I’m shitting you not, sat there for a good hour. Food was present and by god she was going to eat it all.

At least it was one less body to watch.

I took obnoxious pictures of Carly with her engagement ring.

And then I snuggled with my nephew, Samuel.

All in all, it was a successful day. No tears, no injuries and lots of happy smiles as everyone left.

I was reminded that my cake was delicious, BECAUSE IT WAS and people headed on home.

We spent the remainder of the evening watching movies, eating sushi (no fish for me, please), vedging out and being lazy.

That’s a successful day to me.





About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

Posted on May 30, 2012, in Cassie. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Great pictures! I especially love the engagement ring photos. Oh, and the ones of bossy Maelie and that CAKE. Happy Birthday Luca!

  2. That second pic of Luca looks like he’s plotting his escape and itching to bolt, any second.

    The shot of Maelie pointing is brilliant. Wonder where she learned that move… (Get used to it, boys!)

    Lastly, a great congratulations to Carly!

  3. Ditto. Congrats, Carly! Snagged one!

    And I just gained a pound looking at that cake. Mmmmmm. Caaake.

  4. Those cake photos make me want to gnaw on something. Preferably that cake.

  5. Hah, I love the picture of Maelie in that cool pose with her arm over the back rest, gnawing on popcorn and observing the room…
    And that first cake photo? YUM!

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