A Night Out

I know, I know. Y’all are tired of hearing about the marathon. But since we did in fact run one, Matt and I had to celebrate.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants on Mount Washington, La Tavola.

That is, after Matt cleaned out the toaster.

That’d be Mae’s doing.


I pathetically attempted a drive by photo of our trip up.

Seriously. Hot husband.

The place is BYOB. Yay for Pinot!

BYOB means you have to pose with your wine. And marathon cigar.

Because I ran a marathon. I can do that.

For Katie Ett, I took photos of our food. Matt got scallops.

I got penne in a vodka sauce. It was so effing good.

And we ended with a triple chocolate cake with berries. That put all my baking skills to shame.

And clearly my photography skills since it was half eaten when I took the photo.

On our drive home, we saw a blimp.

Took a photo of the creepiest tunnel in Pittsburgh. NAME THAT TUNNEL!

Got some more blimp action across the Liberty Bridge.

Matt got tired of my taking photos.

So I took photos of street signs. Bloomfield, what, what!

Then another one of him to piss him off further.

Wait for it. THERE IT IS! 100% annoying capacity achieved.

It was a good date.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You’d think he’d have perfected the Cassie Buffer and Filter by now…

  2. You guys are such a good looking couple and that photo of you with the cigar and the booze is gorgeous. I mean that non sarcastically. Good for you two! Can’t wait to go to La Travola.

  3. Four scallops and four broccoli florets? That was an appetizer, right? No wonder you had dessert!

  4. What an awesome date! I hope whoever paid got lucky after.


  5. Are those scallops breaded and fried?! Dude, sign me up.

    The blimp photos are gorgeous. Like Jessica, I mean that non-sarcastically.

  6. NO WAY!!! You ran a marathon??? 😉
    You two are good-looking. So is the pasta. And the cake. I am hungry.

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