My day with Mae

Is it humanly possible for a little body to live off of cheese?

Maelie is currently on par for proving that to be true.

Last Thursday, Mae got her first of the MMR vaccine. I remember vividly after each child received it, about 7-10 days later, they got fevers. Awful fevers.

Mae is no exception.

Now poor Matt has really bad luck when it comes to big plans and Mae. The last time he planned to do something big, Mae had a nasty cold and fevers. And all that aside, she was miserable. And miserable Mae is not something you mess with.

Up until Mae was around 9 months old, she was the most pleasant baby you’d ever imagine. Then the anger struck and, well, it was touch and go there for a few months.

Then a few teeth pushed through, she realized she could say words and we’d understand and that, ladies and gents is when Maelie discovered the word: Cheese.

Most people think it’s cute when kids say their first words. We were no exception. Mae had Mommy down pat, as she’d scream it at me most days. “Mommmeeeeeee! Mooooommmmeeeeeee!!!!” All day.

But then she learned that her new found molars could really bite down on some cool stuff.

Enter the cheese stick.

She’d wake up every morning, and as soon as we’d put her on the floor to go walk about, she’d go straight for the fridge where she’d relentlessly pull at it screaming, “Cheeeeee! Cheeeeeee! CHEEEEEE!” And we knew. We knew all too well.

Except we didn’t communicate that with each other.

Who is we? Everyone is we.

Matt, me, Claire, Luca, my Mom.

And before we knew it, this kid would have three cheese sticks in her system before 9 am.

It became a normal thing around here to say, “Bye! Love you! Maelie had cheese already!”

And what’s worse, is that now, with her having fevers and being generally miserable, the only thing that makes her happy is cheese.

In three days, Maelie hasn’t eaten a single full meal. Which, really, if you met the kid, is unheard of. This is the kid that eats all the things. Everything. Without bias.

But last night, as we all sat at the table eating delicious burritos and guacamole, all Mae wanted was cheese.

It’s two in the afternoon and I have since run out of cheese sticks. All that remain are cheese slices. And Mae’s not very discriminatory when it comes to cheese, so square shapes it is.

Aside from the fact that I’m ruining her cholesterol levels and possibly making her constipated for life, she’s very content with herself and her successful quest for cheese.

There are perks, however, when Matt and the older two kids are gone. That means I get to take a garbage bag to the kids’ rooms. If Claire doesn’t end up on the newest reality show: “Hoarders: kids edition” I don’t know who will. And that scares me.

So far today, Mae and I have accomplished laundry, posting a recipe, building things with mega blocks, building more things with mega blocks, putting on and taking of pretties (read: beads), sucking on a Nuk, doing laps in the house with her blankie in hand, eaten two cheese sticks and two slices of cheese, drank some milk, asked for more cheese and built more things out of blocks.

Technically right now I should be at work. But sometimes, there are just more important things. Matt needed today. He needed to go out and bike with his dad and Claire and Luca. He needed to celebrate our niece, Sophia’s, third birthday. He needed to get out.

I needed to take care of my feverish baby.

And feed her cheese.


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  1. If you’d like to work out an arranged marriage, Maelie’s soul mate is currently residing in my house. Silas could live off of cheese, or dairy products in general. These days he will consistently consume about five things, three of which are diary, and #1 is definitely cheese. He would eat cheese all day long, but I worry too much about constipation and have to limit him to one stick a day.

    • A Mae/Silas marriage would probably be the best thing that could happen in my lifetime. Forget curing cancer. Forget peace in Palestine. I want to see Mae married off and for there to only be fondue fountains at the wedding.

      (I loved this post.)

  2. I hope she gets better soon. And my, what beautiful eyelashes!

  3. I can’t get over her big, beautiful eyes! And I hear you, we love cheese in this house too, though fortunately Sarah hasn’t figured that word out yet.

  4. There are worse things that she could insist on eating… like cake and candy and stuff… (that I’m sure you ration out carefully, if at all…)

  5. So far Harper’s favorite is squash. We can’t shovel in the squash fast enough to satisfy her. My baby is going to turn a disconcerting shade of orange-ish yellow.

    I can’t wait to see what she wants to eat when she can actually chew stuff.

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