An honest tour of my house: first floor edition

How many of those style blogs are there where people post pictures of their houses, and everything is pristine?

Yah. Not happening here. I have three kids. And if it weren’t for Matt, I’d be a slob, too. I don’t like too much clutter, but organized isn’t really in my vocabulary.

My sister in law once said to me, “Every time I come to your house, something is different.”

Ain’t that the truth.

I love to rearrange, paint, change frames, change photos, move things, and try to make it neat. So, yes, every time she comes here, something’s always different. Guaranteed.

There are two constants that you’ll find in my house, however.

Randomly placed sippy cups and the play room in disarray.

One of my favorite shows, back when I would actually watch TV (can we say 24 reruns on the computer anyone?) was House Hunters. I love looking in other people’s homes. If that could be an actual job, I’d get PAID.

So here’s a tour of the first floor of my house, as it is, with out picking up anything. I suppose it could be worse.

Starting with the back of of the living room.

If you remember, on Mother’s Day, Matt took me to IKEA. This is one of the things I got.

We have to keep the second and third row clear of anything because the Mae-Monster has a way of ruining everything.

Also, the black thing on top of the bookshelf? Totally wasn’t the one to put it there. And to be honest, it drives me nuts. But it’s our new car dvd players and they just have to be put up high away from any tiny body.

Here’s our new couch: (Hell yah, tax returns!)

Also, with any photo I take, Sadie always has to photo bomb it.

The new couch? A little piece of heaven. It’s comfy. It’s leather. It’s stain proof, kid proof, stylish, HUGE and just my style.

That was another Mother’s Day purchase. Oh, and the brown rug in front of it, from IKEA. You can’t tell, but it’s shag and so soft.

So this is my whole living room. It’s randomly shaped, and is the whole length of the house. The odd thing about our house, and about 95% of the houses in our housing development, is that there are no windows on the sides. At all. In fact, in my house, I only have 9 windows. NINE. Huge downfall. Though, people are now starting to bid contractors to build windows on the sides. Novel ideas, people!

Please note: randomly placed sippy cup and fancy new rug.

Missing from the previous photo, my favorite chair. It was a 25th birthday gift from my mom and sister. Pier 1 baby. Also? The best photo of Mae and Claire to date. Oh, and my new curtains. Target!

Also: randomly placed pretend saute pan.

Our hallway. Nothing special. I still have to frame my drawings, they’ve been taped to the wall there for coming up on a year now. No biggie.

We have awesome hardwood floors in our house which Matt and I had put in when we first moved in. We thought we’d get to the hall and kitchen floors since it’s this awful roll out laminate, but alas, we have not. He says it’s no big deal. I hate that the hardwood sits up a half inch higher than our other floor. Not to mention the floors are merely plywood. That’s it. Plywood. And roll out laminate.

I love my house, really. But plywood?

A look into the kitchen.

The kitchen is tiny. What you see is what I’ve got. I make do, surprisingly and the fact that I can bake and cook as I do is pretty impressive. The bottom part of the cabinet is chalkboard paint. The kids love that. Otherwise, random clutter, that Matt just cleaned up yesterday is back. A 10 pound bag of potatoes, a magazine and a few matchbox cars is what awaits his return tonight.

Our dining room. With the new couch, we had to put the old couches in other rooms. One went up to our bedroom and the other went into the play room. This meant that the many bookshelves I have had to find a new home. One ended up here. Matt hates it, as I expected, but really, where else is it going to go?

Note: Another random sippy.

The previous owners had the chandelier installed and it’s beautiful. We made sure to get matching over head lights in the front hall. I honestly think that’s what sold me on the house. I’m pretty sure that’s a wrong thing to do when house hunting, huh?

And I saved the messiest for last. I still have plans on how to organize the top of the desk here, but any suggestions are welcomed. I just threw all the things on top. And the kids, while they promised they were cleaning up, totally lied.

I painted the stripes a few weeks back. Matt hates them, again, as expected, but he also expects me to do things he hates. We have a great relationship, people. The trampoline is going to be returning to the basement and if Maelie didn’t play with the fake kitchen every day, that’d go there, too.

The mirror, I made out of wood shims. I’m pretty sure I blogged about that before, but if not, now you know. Best project ever. It was time consuming, and I burned my fingers a lot on the hot glue, but it looks amazing.

The desk, I made many months ago by using two 12 foot boards that I cut down all by myself with the neighbors circular saw. I didn’t even lose a foot. I attached them to some prefabricated IKEA bookshelves, and omitted the tops and screwed the stained desk top right on into them. the center is a filing cabinet, also from IKEA. I’m still proud of that project. I should probably clean it up a bit, though.

Here’s the other side of the room. On the other side of the wall is a small bathroom in the hallway.

This is where one of our old couches has come to rest. The kids recently had a pillow fight. Not that it’s obvious or anything.

Lastly, the front hall. As you can see, there’s such a huge difference between our amazing hardwoods and the sad, sad laminate. I even wonder if it’s laminate. I think that stuff gives laminate a bad name. And just my luck, the contractors left some extra in the basement. Just in case we wanted to expand the awesomeness of it all.

Also, in addition to the kids’ pillow fight, they also had a plastic bag fight.

The front door used to be stark white. Looking back at old photos, it amazes me I let it be that way for so long. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it was the fact that I hadn’t painted it yet. I paint everything. Twice.

So now it matches my kitchen cabinets. I also made the curtains to match the kitchen curtains. I blogged about the kitchen update (you know, without knocking things down and granite counter tops.) here. There you can see my fancy kitchen faucet that, as expected, Matt hated. But now he tolerates it, borderlining liking.

As per usual, there are random shoes, because Maelie enjoys putting on Matt’s shoes and walk around in them. Until she falls down. Then she gets pissed.

And we all know what a pissed Mae looks like.

(That was for you, Ett.)

So there you have it. The first floor of my house. When the kids aren’t sleeping and what-not, I’ll get around to the second floor. You haven’t seen mess and clutter until you’ve seen Claire’s room.

Two words:

Pack. Rat.

She takes after her Mama.


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  1. In my world, your living room and kitchen ARE pristine. Those two rooms stay trashed at our house, especially since Sarah has decided the new best game ever is taking all the cans out of the pantry and distributing them randomly in walking paths to see if we fall.

    Now I really have a good idea of what your house looks like. You’re preparing me aren’t you?

  2. I think for having 3 kids under 4 yrs old, the place is remarkably clean. Don’t sweat it!

  3. Oh, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae. Look how pretty.


  4. This could easily be my house. Minus the lovingly crafted decor, and swap out random sippy cup with random wine glass. Oh, and change the marathon bib to the half. Then yes, totally my place.

    • My mom carries a water bottle with wine in it when she babysits. The kids call it Grammy’s sippy cup. Here’s what the future holds for you.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. I LOVE the striped wall! I can’t believe Matt doesn’t like it! Very chic.

    Harper’s got a ways to go before she’s mobile, but I’m nevertheless attempting to arrange my house with baby-proofing in mind. Needless to say, it places certain limitations on the decor.

    • I figure, my kids kind of baby proofed the house for me. They ripped down what they wanted to and I just put it back, but higher. Problem: solved.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I love the shelving unit in the living room and great job on the diy desk – wow! I agree w/Bluz – looks amazingly clutter-free to me! Neat.

  7. I agree with the others. Looks pretty pristine to me, too. Maybe not the kitchen, but kitchens are always a work in progress when people actually live there.

    Does it bother you that House Hunters was faked? I’ve never seen it. But it turns out that many of the folks had already bought a house before filming started. Then, they got some of their friends to offer up homes for them to fake consider. Maybe it doesn’t matter if you just want to see the houses.

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