Jessica’s Visit: iPhone photo edition

I’m exhausted, guys. The kids plum kicked my ass this morning. So I’m feeling awfully lazy. Instead of uploading all of the photos from my normal camera, I’m just emailing myself photos from my iPhone. That’ll tide y’all over until I’m unlazy, right?


So Jessica came to visit! I had anticipated it for nearly 8 months, and it finally came. She had to do some actual work in Indianapolis before flying here to Pittsburgh, so my goal was to make sure she actually got a vacation out of it.

The day she and her husband and Little Miss Sarah flew in, however, we had a dinner to get to. And there was traffic. Like. Super annoying traffic. It took us, what normally would be 45 minutes, a full 2 hours to get home from the airport. At that point, we were tired, hungry and slightly stressed. Jessica kept a calm face, but any good friend can tell, she needed some good vitamin wine.

Our dinner had been planned for months by myself and Bluz. We had planned on going to La Tavola up on Mt Washington. Their food is fantastic and it’s BYO so aside from the atrocious fee for wine corkage, you can drink a bottle of wine for way cheap.

We piled all four children into the car (which further proved the point that I’m done having children) and sent the boys in a separate vehicle.

When we got there, Sarah, poor thing was tired. I don’t blame her. She had been on a plane, was surrounded by people she didn’t know and damnit, she was exhausted. But she kept it together. We were all impressed. All 22 of us, that is. The boys, feeling unsocial and rather fatherly, decided that they should take the children back so Jessica and I could enjoy ourselves. So they ate up, drank up, fed the kids and left. To do man things. Or whatever.

Before the kids left, though, we had controlled chaos.

Meet Jones.

Jones belongs to Bethany:

Jones didn’t want to sit in a high chair. What almost two year old does? So Luca sat in a high chair, too, and they dubbed it the cool chair club.

Jones and Luca also ate their weight in bread.

But the kids, save for Jones, went home, and Jessica could finally relax a minute.

There was quite the showing, and I got to meet some really cool people including Sitcom Kelly and her sister and also Ginny. Of course, the regulars were there, too, such as Bethany, her boyfriend and Tom and Jean.

We sat at a really long table, so it was hard for conversation, but for the most part, we enjoyed ourselves. That’s all that matters.

Then after giving bad directions to three different cars that passed on Boggs, I gave Jess the nickel tour of Grandview. I’m sure she’ll post photos on her blog. Because she had a nice camera and I had an iPhone. And wine.

We got home, found the boys in good company, watching bad tv, and both enjoying themselves immensely. Matt’s the kind of guy who finds comfort in silence. So does Mark. They were really meant to be friends.

The next day, we had planned on going to the Pirates game. Of course, there wasn’t really a cloud in the sky and we had seats in the sun, but we toughed it out. Plus my Mom watched Maelie. Life is always easier when the baby is at home. Away from the action.

But Sarah came along, and she did fantastic. Jessica and Mark tried Primanti sandwiches and got to walk across the Clemente Bridge and finally see PNC Park from the inside.

While waiting for the boys to get the sandwiches, Claire and Luca helped herd Sarah around, and chase a few pigeons. I got to put my feet up. And it was all good.

It was hot. I mean, hot enough. Sure Jess is from Louisiana, but as Mark said, “If we were at home right now, people would call us stupid.” Amen, sir.

But what cures a case of  “it’s too hot out?”

Beer. And in this photo, Jess looks barely old enough to legally enjoy that Bud Light.

While I scoffed at the Bud Light, Mark claimed he’s not a beer snob and drank up.

And what was Claire doing the whole time?

Actually watching the game.

So after roasting in the sun for a few hours, the Pirates lost and we left. Luca claimed his little legs couldn’t walk anymore, and got the royal shoulder carry treatment. Once we got back to the car, he promptly fell asleep. Until 8 at night.

I cooked some dinner that night and we ended up drinking wine on the deck until midnight. Probably the best night I’ve had in a long time that I can remember.

The next day was really breezy.

Sarah probably had no idea what to do with the 70 degree temps. Jessica threatened to move North to which I said, “DO IT.”

It will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?

We went up to Hartwood Acres because Jessica wanted to take photos of the kids. What ended up happening was the kids running amok and climbing up sculptures. Yet, Jess still got amazing shots. She’s kind of a big deal.

Then that evening, Jessica and the kids and myself went to the gym because I had to teach two classes. Jessica, bless her heart made it through RPM and core. By the time lower half came around, she happily excused herself to go play with the kids. I don’t blame her. It was a hard class! She is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for.

When we got home, she got herself some well deserved wine. And then proceeded to cook us an amazing dinner. I never wanted her to leave.

Then Katie Ett texted me and said she was jealous and wanted to know what we were doing, so I sent her a photo of us looking half dead and happy.

Then the next morning came and they had to fly out. Claire and Luca begged to come, and since they were being so well behaved, I let them.

We dropped them off at the airport, and it was a perfectly sunny, chilly day.

It wasn’t a very tearful goodbye, (that is until we got home and then Claire promptly cried because Jessica was gone) but it was bittersweet. While I’ll see Jessica again in October, it’s just not the same.

I’d be the first to admit, it’s easy to have a friendship online, but once you find someone who is truly your best friend, to not be able to see them whenever you please, it’s just no fun. That said, we don’t take our friendship for granted. That’s for sure. We spent every waking minute talking, hanging out and making sure our time was well spent. Did we do every touristy thing while she was here? No. Did she see all the things she should have seen? Probably not. But did we have fun? Hell yes. With wine.

I miss her terribly already. That’s the bittersweet part of it all. She lives 1200 miles away. And while thank god for the internet, I just wish 1200 miles wasn’t so far away.


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  1. So many things to say about this I don’t know where to begin.

    First: Thank you for the amazing visit. We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. I couldn’t get over how much Mark and Matt took to one another, or how much your kids brought Sarah into the fold like she belonged right there with them. You have an amazing family.

    Second, the win! Thank you for indulging me. That night on the porch was one of the best for me in a very long time too… even if the conversation erred on the side of funny disgusting at times. 🙂

    Third: Those giant Gaga sunglasses of yours make my face look thin. I need to buy some.

    And finally, I’m so thankful the Internet brought us together. You and me? We’re friendship soul mates I think. And so are our husbands and kids. I wish 1,200 miles wasn’t so far. But I’m counting down to October and then February!

  2. LOVE THIS POST!! LOVE! How could I not…it is about 2 of my favorite people. And wine. 🙂 I too am jealous, Katie Ett! Nah, but seriously wish I coulda stowed away in some luggage. Looks like you two had a great time and hearing it from you both (well hearing from Jess and reading IM with you, Cass) made me smile! I can’t wait to see more pictures you lazy ass ;).

  3. I never really appreciated Jessica’s eyebrows until you sent me that picture.

    Now you know how I feel every time I leave Tracey. Let’s cry together.

  4. The next time we get together at a restaurant, we should insist on a round table. I thought all the kids behaved really well, but then, they were down at the other side of the table from me. They could have set the tablecloth on fire and I may not have noticed.

    OMG, it was so freakin’ hot at the game, I was melting away. Good thing I stayed “hydrated.” Looks like you guys were sitting right over our heads (only without providing any shade.)

    Be careful with those photos… you might start drawing “foot” trolls.

    Thank you for being my partner in crime, in setting up the dinner. I should have my post up on the night, on Thursday.

  5. So glad you ladies had a great time! (And totally jealous!)

  6. It was great meeting everyone. Now I have a face to put with the names/blogs. Great restaurant choice Cassie, even with the crazy corkage fee.

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