Gone Fishin’

Where have I been? I’ll show you.




I mean, who said history had to be boring?

The beach.


Tops of lighthouses.

Tippy tops of lighthouses.


Did I mention the beach?

Hanging with my beautiful daughter and the beach.

Watching Luca not be afraid of the water.

I mean, he actually is touching the water. Without crying.

Pirates and Kites.

And of course, the perfect blue sky at the sand dunes. I did no adjustments of the contrast for the record.

It was just this pure, bright and awesome.

So. The kids are at the beach, my pathetic, tiny burn is resting and I’m looking forward to my tuna steak tonight.

I’ll be back soon!


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I’m your mother and I have to read about your vacation on your blog? LOL Just kidding. I know you don’t want it to end, but I miss you and the little munchkins. Matt, too, I suppose 🙂

  2. That first picture makes it look like you’re on Gilligan’s Island. (That used to be a TV show…)

  3. Even though I just had a beach trip, I’m totally jealous of yours. It looks very relaxing, but then again I don’t see a lot of pictures of Mae…is that why it’s relaxing? Kidding, kidding…traveling with toddlers is swell…

    • Mae is here and in full force. However my secret is traveling with my sister who loves the theory of “I play with you and give you back.” it’s a nice break for me! And she gets her baby fix. Relaxing? The jury’s still out.

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  4. Hi, Cassie Bear, Great pictures, you all look wonderful, especially my beautiful great grandchildren. Have a safe a trip home. Love you, Grandma

  5. Looks like fun. When but a small lad, I was in a wedding at the chapel at William & Mary in Williamsburg. (very hard not to put an “h” on that) I think we went to Jamestown, too. I looked like an 8-year-old James Bond in that tux.

    Have fun. Be safe.

  6. Love these photos! So glad you’re having a fantastic time. You deserve a break! Those last two photos of the sand dunes are mind boggling.

  7. What beautiful pics. As I recently said to Bluz, I could watch the sun rise and set on a body of water for hours. Looks like a great time.

  8. I love the beach! I love sand dunes! I love Mae waddling behind everyone else at the sand dunes! I love imagining what Luca is looking at in all of the pictures where he won’t look at you! I love that your grandma comments on your blog!

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