Sometimes we all need a good reminder.

I’d add, however, that you can’t plan life. Sometimes things just happen and you go with the flow. That’s not to say that Sunday night dinner can’t be planned, it’s to say that, just because you sign your kid up for soccer, doesn’t mean they’ll like it or become the next Beckham. And that’s OK. It’s life. It doesn’t come with rules.

Sisters From Different Misters

*I’ve learned to let go. I don’t think of myself as a tightly wound individual, but certain things have made me so. I first noticed it when I was pregnant with Claire. The thought of sharing her with the world made me both sad and angry, and I had no idea why. I carried that into the first few months of her life where I literally never put her down.

I read in Dr. Sears’s book that attachment parenting is good and that co-sleeping is healthy. I, however, took that to a whole new level. I held her 24/7. She slept next to me almost every night. The kid couldn’t put herself to sleep, because I didn’t let her. I held her until her little eyes closed and her breathing slowed. And then, when I’d lay her in her crib, she’d quickly wake up, because heaven forbid I wasn’t holding…

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I loved re-reading that. 15 months in I look back and realize I was with Sarah just like you were with Claire. When I look at my new mommy friends that keep on living life and don’t let newborns stop their plans I’m in awe and so proud of them. Lesson learned!

  2. 1591 more words?! I can’t read all that.

    Okay, I just read all that. And then I was like, “Wow, what a supportive comment I wrote the first time around!”

    I would really like to hear more about the missing Luca.

    • But aren’t you so glad that you DID read those 1591 words? You know, for the time when you, yourself are a mother. (I didn’t specify to what.)


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