The time I got into a random argument with a random person on the Daily Beast

I don’t really follow the Daily Beast very closely, but I use it more or less for the headlines they post. I also follow Huffington Post and NPR. So. Variety. Either way, one day I read the headline on a Facebook post: Victims Without Insurance. It piqued my interest so to say, so after reading the article, I read the comments on the Facebook post.

And here’s when it hit me. People, given certain anonymity can be really, really mean. And ignorant.

The Daily Beast is pretty liberal. I think that’s a safe assessment. So every now and again you get a random person who isn’t liberal and just wants to stir up the pot.

Enter Sallie.

She started simply enough, with a comment about how the wife of the victim was expecting a baby and didn’t have health insurance, wondering why she even was having a kid if she didn’t have insurance:

“I dont find it harsh at all, in fact I was wondering the same thing. Someone is having a baby, yet has no insurance? While Im very sorry that this family has had to go thru the tragedy they are going thru and especially through no fault of their own, but for the Daily Beast and all of you liberals to use the Colorado shooting as yet another chance to promote the AHCA, is disgusting.”

After that. she proceeded to attack every ‘liberal’ comment, one at a time.

Having not really read Sallie yet, I made my own comment in a general regard to the notion that people think that this is a publicity stunt for the left wing agenda:

“I could give a shit about people’s personal agenda. I believe in common sense and common sense to me says that everyone should have affordable health care. As a nurse, I’ve seen far too many uninsured get rock bottom care. This poor man didn’t expect to up and get shot while watching a movie. And now his wife is left with a brand new baby and no husband for support. It’s simply unfair. Humanity people.”

And I left it at that. But then I checked back. And Sallie, in her infinite wisdom, answered me.

“Cassie: We might need affordable health care in this country but it sure as hell doesnt need to in the form of the current AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE TAX!”

And I ignored that direct comment, but then she made this one:

“Liberals are SUCH hypocrites! Youre all sympathetic and in mock horror at the plight of this family and the oh so callous attitude those of us who dont agree with Obamacare might have. Yet you vilify and throw insults and love to denigrate anyone who believes the murder of innocent, unborn children is HEY! OKAY! because after all, its just a cluster of cells.


Wait. WHAT? Isn’t this a discussion about a man who’s left to foot a 2 million dollar hospital bill?

So I commented:

“How did this turn into a lumping of liberals vs republicans and abortion? Where’s the gay rights debate? I want to hear it. ^Insert Sarcasm.”

This displeased her so:

S: “‘Cassie Conti How did this turn into a lumping of liberals vs republicans and abortion? Where’s the gay rights debate? I want to hear it.” Gee, Cassie: I dont know how it turned into all of that. Perhaps you should go back to the first several comments and see what they were saying! Like this one, Cassie “Mitt doesnt care…just die” I think that might qualify as a reason for the conversation to turn into a debate b/w liberals and Conservatives.”

Me: “Didn’t read anything about abortion, lady. You really need to step down and chill. It’s not good for your bp. I understand you’re a troll and this is how you get your jollies, but I truly don’t appreciate debating with people who show no signs of even attempting to hear what I say. You don’t even try. And it’s sad really, because I’m willing to hear what you say, but not when it’s simply spewing with hate.

You truly give Republicans a bad name.”

S: “And you Cassie…just give YOURSELF a bad name!”

Me: “Why is that? Because I’m former military, nurse, mother, gives blood every chance I get, donates to good causes and generally cares about people? Yah, I’m such a bitch.”

S: “Hey Cassie: Lets be clear about something. YOU attacked ME! Not the other way around. Go back and read the comments beginning with your assault 9 minutes ago.”

Me: “Yup. Looked back. I commented saying I thought affordable healthcare should be to all. YOU then responded to ME. So, yah. Good stuff.”

S: “Yes..I responded to you, with a comment that we DO need affordable healthcare, but not Obamacare…where is the personal insult in that?”

Me: “There is none. Simply that. I still did not attack you. I asked where abortion played in with this poor man having to pay a 2 million dollar hospital bill. Pretty sure he can’t have an abortion. 

And please note, I’m not a mean person what so ever. But also know that when people are uninsured, you DO in fact pay the bill through your taxes. Just a side note. I’m not here to make enemies, just to simply state, I am so sad and tired of seeing uninsured people. Plain and simple. There has to be a better way and when you’re attacking everyone who comments about this, it doesn’t make things better, it just makes for more animosity which doesn’t help the situation. I’d really love it if you’d just see that much. That I don’t like being attacked any more than you do. 

So, can we just agree to disagree?”

Then I just turned off my computer and let it be.

Am I right? Probably not. But for some reason, I just couldn’t let that be. I know I poked the bear, and that’s not a good thing to do in political debates in an election year, but I just did. She just got my blood boiling.

At least I went out on a high note.

And as an aside, my comments got more likes than her one like on one of her comments. So yay for that.


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  1. This was a terrible start to my morning! I started reading the thread and all I could think was how horribly negative these folks were…. Where is the love??!!! I think while some were so concerned that the Daily Beast was using this story to spread “Obama Propaganda” they were using it to spread pure hate and negativity….. Ugh! Glad you got out of it.

  2. You are absolutely right and I’m sure many people following the post enjoyed the discourse and the fact that you took her on. I’m glad you shared it on your blog. I’ve been prone to do the same thing about a topic that I feel passionate about. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. And while ordinarily I might worry about your BP, knowing how fit you are, I know any temporary spike will soon recede!

  3. She was obviously only there to attack people. She called you out and wanted to fight you. That’s just sad.

    I’m experiencing a general ignorance today with some political comments by co-workers and it is about to make my head spin off. I want to attack, but I also know that there is no changing their minds. Craziness!

  4. She also doesn’t really back up anything she says… just slams and moves on, or in other words, the Fox News tactic. Everyone remembers the slam. No one remembers if it was accurate or even relevant.

    I say, you just won the Internet.

  5. Going into any comment threads is like going into a lion cage. Just animal instincts and no compassion or tolerance. All behind the safe veil of anonymity. You landed some good jabs and backed out. That’s about the best that it can go.

    • You know, Daily Beast just posted asking who Mitt should pick as his running mate. Peoples’ responses have me laughing especially this one: god, because thats bout the only person I know that could give him half a chance in hell But now Sallie is back at it saying: Why do any of you liberals care? According to all of you, Barack Obama’s a shoe in. I love how she chooses to use liberals like she’s calling us cunts.

      • Oh, for her, “liberals” is way worse than “cunts.”

        What a pathetic life. Now I’m almost feeling sorry for her. Almost.

      • Also notice the frequent use of the straw-man argument… where you put some ridiculous statement in the mouth of your opponent and then attack that.

        I don’t know of any liberals that think this election will be a shoe-in. No one with a functioning brain can discount the effect of a fuck-ton of advertising money on the psyches of non-critical thinkers.

  6. So basically gay people should get free abortions.

  7. It’s hard to be right in the face of people who can’t be convinced based on their own prejudices (hating the left or black people or gays) and not actual facts. I try not to involve myself in fights like these, especially on Facebook, but boy is it hard when it’s your friends and family making the bad arguments.

  8. Ugh. This lady makes me want to brush my teeth. She’s a potty-mouth-meanie-head!

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