Baron Batch

Matt asked me tonight if I follow Baron Batch on twitter.

“No, I just read his blog, why?”

“I think you’d really like him.”

“Well, I already do like him, remember that blog he wrote a year ago that made me cry?”

“Oh yah…”

For those who are scratching their heads and thinking, “Who is Baron Batch?” let me fill you in.

From his blog, here’s his about me:

“Hey y’all my name is Baron. I proud to be from West Texas. I like sweet tea. I am light years from perfect. I screw up often but I’m trying. I’m very sarcastic. I love to travel. I don’t like to fly. I paint. I’m a writer.I’m a product of prayer. I have a pet tortoise. His name is Buck50. I don’t like deep water… no it’s not because I can’t swim… or because I’m black. I’m very creative. I like taking pictures. I like sunsets. I like cheesecake. I like to bowl. I like to play pingpong. I love wearing ties. I can actually tie a bow-tie. I’m very competitive. I have a big family and am in the middle. I hate when people leave crushed chips in the bottom of the bag. I like Christmas lights. I love people and am passionate about helping them. I hate doing dishes and unloading groceries. I like to cook. I like to eat even more. I don’t like taking showers in places that have bad water pressure. My goal in life is simply to be better than I was yesterday.Toe hair grosses me out. Don’t talk in a baby voice if you’re a grownup……unless you are speaking to a baby. This is my blog… and this is me.”

What he didn’t mention is that he’s a professional football player for the Steelers. He used to play for Texas Tech and he’s a running back.

About a year ago, someone pointed out the fact that he keeps a blog. When I looked, the blog entry that came up made me cry.

He writes a lot like I do, which I’d describe as really honest and raw. And aside from the fact that he spelled Pittsburgh wrong (Pittsburg) it was amazingly put.

He writes:

“The story I’m about to disclose to you is hard for me to tell because I’ve never really told anyone more than bits and pieces. Few people know this story in its entirety.  This is a story that consists of more turbulence and bumps than this flight out of Lubbock that is being tossed helplessly by the west Texas wind. This is a story that I have trouble telling, and honestly really don’t like to. However, after reading that email I realized it is a story that many young people probably need to hear. This story is one that is close to my heart simply because it is my own. I guess one reason I have avoided this story for so long is because I have never wanted people to pity me.”

And it’s a brilliant story full of sadness, anger, and the ability to over come.

And at the very end, he posts a photo.

Go have a read, please. You won’t be sorry. (And yes, it’s a little long, but it is still an amazing read.)

Also, try to remember:

“You don’t have to become a victim to your situation. You can overcome it. Problems don’t exist, only obstacles so hurdle them. This is what makes you strong. You will fall, and when you do get up because the world is still turning. Don’t lay on the ground because few sincere hands will be extended. However, once a sincere and trusted hand is offered quickly grab it and never let go,  because you can’t do it on your own. When you overcome your situation never be ashamed to talk about it like I have been until now, but never use it as an excuse or crutch.  Others need to hear that there is hope for people like us.  I know what you are going through. Have faith. Everything will be ok. I’m flattered that I’m your hero, but please understand this one thing. I’m not just ‘kind of like you’.

I am you.”

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  1. I just read it, thank you so much for sharing… It is amazing how he can write about it all – so honest and direct, so beautiful.

  2. I just read it too and now I’m tearing up. How could I ever think I have it bad? What an amazing and tragic story. So glad to hear he’s found his way.

  3. Saw the picture. It was too much. Can’t read the post. Don’t want to cry.

  4. Love this guy. Need to follow him. Hope he stays healthy this year and breaks through.

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