What died in here?

Before we left for vacation, we spotted a flea on Sadie. Just one. But she was biting and scratching herself so badly that I was afraid that perhaps there were more.

So, when we left, I asked my mom to set of a flea bomb, ensuring that the cats were out of the house. 

She did, and whatever may or may not have been living in the house was dead and life continued on.

Then a week later, something smelled.

Like, really bad. 

And it brought me to the point where I was moving the stove, the fridge, checking the vents, under the couch, scouring the floors, everything. 

What was it?!

Two days went by and I could smell this awful smell. And so could Matt. Yet, he wasn’t home as much as me, so it didn’t annoy him as much. 

Then, finally, I zeroed in on a location. The corner of the kitchen. I started sniffing around. Afraid I was going to find a dead mouse or something awful that a cat had brought in, or was subsequently killed by the flea bomb, and there it was.

What was it?

It was a cantaloupe. One that I had purchased only a few days prior. I held it up to Matt and said, “Hey, is this it?”

And he sniffed and then cursed me for making him smell it.

Problem, solved. 


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Okay, this is my favourite story ever. You could have completely left out the flea bomb part, and this would have been an entirely different beast. Let me rewrite it for you:

    I smelled something really gross in the kitchen. It was there for days. Then we found an old cantaloupe in the corner. The end.

    What I’m saying is–you are a master storyteller. I’m still waiting for you to find the mass of dead fleas as dense as a baseball, though.

  2. Haha, love it that you made him smell it! Glad that you found the source. I once came across meat gone bad two weeks afterwards in the fridge of my Mom – almost barfed in there after opening the door. The worst smell I have ever had to experience…

  3. About time you found that awfulness! Glad it’s done and gone.

  4. So, lately we’ve been finding random feathers around the house. Sylvester is an indoor cat. We have yet to smell anything. It’s all very odd. I don’t know why exactly this is related to your awesome story, but I thought I would share.

  5. Oh man, this is the worst! Glad you figured it out.

  6. That’s the thing when fruit goes bad… they take the whole house with them.

  7. I think its worst when it goes bad in the fridge. That’s a hard smell to get rid of.

    And i love the “Ew, this is bad. Here, smell this!” game. You have to have a witness to the putridness.

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