Trust in me when I say, I was mentally done. I was tapping out. Three’s a crowd, four’s insane. But. Well. Here I am.

And the day after I found out, which was well over a month ago, I wrote a pretty honest blog about it. I’ll be sharing that one a little later to give everyone a real idea of how I originally felt. Read: tears were shed.

But after talking with Matt, a lengthy conversation with Jessica which was lengthy mainly because the first five minutes were completely not understandable due to crying, many weeks to figure it out and even using the doppler at work to find the new baby’s heartbeat, I’m good.

I’m better than good. I’m borderline excited.

As someone who was a ‘Whoops!’ baby once upon a time, I look forward to the adventure.

Won’t you come along on the adventure with me?



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You know I’m a fan and quasi stalker! Of course I’ll come along on this adventure!

  2. I unfortunately can only support you mentally (due to distance), but I look forward to this adventure with you. Does that mean you aren’t doing a fall marathon?

    • Ha, no. I’m not doing anything in the form of a marathon for a very long time. I know that I already registered for the Rock ‘n Roll Pittsburgh half in August next year, and that’s it. I also have a 10K in September. Otherwise, my racing days are over for now.

  3. I’m proud of you (and not worried anymore)! And if this baby is anything like his/her mama, this is going to be one amazing kid. I’m along for the ride!

  4. Actually, I’m tapping out. It’s been fun, and I hope you enjoy the adventure by yourself, but you’re going to be the bitchiest pregnant woman, and your existing kids are only marginally cute.



      I’d believe that you thought they were marginally cute if your child hating butt didn’t love Mae so much. See you in October, woman.

  5. I love Katie Ett! Hilarious. Congratulations and best wishes! Just think…Claire will be five years old by time baby #4 arrives so you will ONLY have three kids ages 5 and under. You’ve done this before with Mae! You can do it!!!! These kiddies are so lucky to have you and Matt as their mommy and daddy. All the best, Deb

  6. I’ve heard that they actually get easier when you get to four – I’m not kidding. The older ones start to help more. According to my boss, “the fourth is the family’s baby.”

    Regardless, I’m kind of excited about you inflicting more cuteness on this world.

    • Oh, I love this comment. The family’s baby is a great way of looking at it. Claire is already super duper helpful and Luca is starting to be, by getting diapers, wipes, bringing himself to the bathroom, all good things. So, I’m really not worried. It was more over selfish reasons, like my teaching at the gym and having to give that part of me up for a brief amount of time. Though, you best believe I’ll teach until I can’t teach any more.

      • I would be so stoked to have a pregnant lady teach my fitness classes. And it’ll be fun for you because people will assume they’ll get off easy, and them BAM you’ll kick their asses.

      • Damn straight I will. I took over my class from a woman who was pregnant and she never let us off easy.

        Trust that I will kick their asses. I did, in fact, teach my classes the day after the marathon and still managed to hold a plank off and on for 5 minutes. BAM.

  7. My first thought was, Wait! She said she was done after Mae! But what a sweet, sweet surprise. I am so extremely happy for you. Also, you two make some of the CUTEST kids. I can’t wait until he/she is born because in true Cassie fashion you’re going to make us wait until birth to find out the gender and name aren’t ya? ๐Ÿ™‚ 2 of each would be perfect but I can’t wait to find out which you’re hoping for and such! Seriously, congratulations!! How are you feeling?

    • Awe, thanks Ashley! Yes, HUGE surprise. Like, Matt was on his way to getting fixed, surprised. But it is what it is and while I can’t say I’m thrilled yet, I’m happy enough. I’m getting there!

      I’m feeling good, though a little more gross this time around, which is annoying, but you can’t pick it, I guess! And yes, I won’t be finding out the gender until d-day and the names are pretty much kept locked up, too. Sorry!

  8. What’s going on, do you have some kind of bet with the Octomom?

    I’m sure you’ll win at having 4 just like you win at having 3.

    Yes, I’m along for the ride. All in.

  9. Oh oh oh what a great surprise!!! Congratulations! I am so excited and can\โ€™t wait to hear and see more about pregnancy and baby #4!
    Your kids are so unbelievably cute and you are such a great mom (yes, I DO know that even though I only know you through your blog) that I am just happy you (and Matt, of course) will be having another kid! And I really appreciate your honest way to write about everything, including doubts and tears regarding a new baby.
    If anybody can wrangle four kids, itโ€™s you!

    • Oh, thank you so much for this! This truly, honestly, made my day. I’m getting such overwhelming support, that, yes, while I am the one raising it, it’s nice to know that y’all won’t be annoyed if I bitch every now and again. I try to keep it happy, but every now and again a girl’s gotta get real.

  10. Congrats!! And this really did surprise me, so I can only imagine what you were/are feeling.

  11. Anybody else thinking family band or rock group? You really need three for that. Not too many family duos besides The Carpenters and The White Stripes. Now you are in Hanson and Jonas territory.

  12. WHAT??! Hahaha. Well, I’m glad you’re keeping Mae because aside from my own third child, she is the cutest.

    Congratulations, Cassie! It’s great news, and you bet I’ll be here for the ride!

  13. Congratulations! We’ve been trying for #2 for quite some time. I can’t say I’m not jealous. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  14. I can’t wait to see the newest Conti! You better believe I’ll be following this journey.

  15. Chayton wasn’t even really a “whoops!”…she was more of a “WTF!” baby. I had my suspicions, peed on the stick and hubby followed me back into the bathroom to check. I looked at it, said “No way! No way!” Threw it at his chest and stomped back to my room yelling “NO WAY! NO WAY NO WAY!” I felt so stretched with what I’d already had, wasn’t planning more but didn’t want to rule one out “someday”…and felt guilty for not being able to feel grateful and happy because so many of my friends were hopefully and unsucessfully “trying” and some were even taking fertility meds…and here my hubby and I only had to use the same soap. I felt bad because tons of women would give anything to be able to carry their own child, or would happily bring another woman’s baby home to raise as their own and I was fortunate enough to have my own…and couldn’t do anything but be angry and cry.

    Then, because we’d already had so many healthy babies I was worried we were pushing our luck and something would befall us…but she was born healthy…and I still wasn’t “with the program”. For the first year of her life I did little more than meet her needs. Sort of like babysitting. I took care of her, I fed her, I changed her, I played with her…I smiled at her, and kissed her head (it wasn’t her fault I wasn’t feeling it)…and I had PPD. I went to therapy where my therapist told me to carve out some time where I could spend it with Chayton alone. One-on-one…whatever she wanted to do. And I did…I finally felt the change in my heart around her second birthday….she’s eight now and I still cannot imagine my life without her in it.

    No one’s perfect…and like everything else sometimes we’re “blessed” with things we haven’t asked for (good and bad). This will be good. YOU rock as a mommy. Two years from now look back…and you’ll wonder how you managed without your newest little one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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