The Wrath of Claire

Claire is an early riser. She wakes up in a good mood every morning. It doesn’t matter if is sunny, rainy, snowy, too early or even if she’s sick. She’s happy.

This, however, only goes for when it’s morning. Because when this applies to naps, and I have to actually wake her up, it’s never a good time.

I usually can let her just go and sleep. But the past two times she’s actually napped, I’ve had to wake her up for this or that. The one time, it was for taekwondo. Today, it was for the gym.

Thursdays is the day we have designated as taekwondo day. Usually my mom is there to help out by either watching Mae or taking the kids. However, since she has a birthday to celebrate (tomorrow!) she was treated to a Pirates game instead. And that was fine and cool and awesome. Until I had to wake up Claire.

I mean, what. the. heck.

She screamed. She clawed the floor. She fought getting dressed. She quite possibly hyperventilated. I mean, it was tragic, really. Tragic being for me, that is. I had to reason, yell, argue, threaten.

How did it end? I backed out of the garage while she sat on the basement stairs yelling at me and her shoes.

I was just going to back it up so I could have the air on and not let the car sit in the garage. I mean, Luca and Mae deserve cold air and not to sweat due to their sister freaking out.

She thought I was leaving her.

Never mind I clearly told her multiple times in multiple tones that I was just backing the car up and to put her shoes on.

No. I was the awful mother who was going to leave my four year old daughter behind.

At least, that’s probably what the neighbors thought as they heard her pleading and chasing the car and hitting it with her shoes as I slowly backed out of the garage and parked.

Somehow it ended with me closing my hand in the door and then spending a few minutes outside of the car with the doors closed sharing a few favorite words which some how resembled Italian.

What? I know the good words.

All this because she was awoken from her nap. You know, after sleeping for 4 hours.

Today’s story isn’t nearly as entertaining. Maelie wanted to do the honors of getting the kids up. So she banged on Luca’s door shouting, “CUCA! CUCA! WAKE CUCA!”

When I let her in, she proceeded to gently smack him chanting his name until he laughed and got up.


Then it was Claire’s turn. She went banging on her door, “CARE! CARE! WAKE CARE!”

She climbed up on the bed. She tried to make her smile. Tried to make her laugh. Tried everything humanly possible.

Claire didn’t bite. Instead, she flipped out. Again.


It was a solid effort by Mae.

It took about 20 minutes of coaxing and threatening and calm talking then more threatening to get her into the car and off to the gym.

And the thing is – once we’re in the car, she’s fine! She just drags her feet and carries on.

It’s really awful.

I love my kids, and I love them all differently. There are things I just can’t get enough of and then there are things like this that I really could do with out.

At least she’s not out selling drugs on the street.



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh, poor you! How’s your hand? But also, poor Claire: sounds like she just isn`t herself when waking up from a nap, no? Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice… Has she always been like that when woken up from a nap or only the last two times? Maybe it’s just a phase?
    And: how cute is Mae?! I don’t like being woken up either, but I think I couldn’t resist her…

  2. When did Mae’s hair get so long??? Love it!!!!

  3. She’s just practicing to be a teenager.

  4. I hate having to get up too. I’d much rather wake up naturally because I’ve had enough sleep or to sunshine or something. Can you turn off her white noise machine and let sunlight in or anything to make her think she woke up on her own?

  5. Colin has decided that the best way to wake his sister up is by tickleing her awake. That’s fine most of the time, not so cute in the middle of the night, or when Colin, waking from his own nap, decides it’s time to wake his sister before she’s ready.

  6. I’m not much of a wake-up person myself. Maybe the sunshine would be a good idea, complete with an open door and maybe turning on music or something that makes her happy? I’m not sure how Mae couldn’t make her happy. Mae is the cutest wake up I’ve ever seen!

  7. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae. Cutest kid ever. And you know I don’t even like baby talk spelled out phonetically. Except from her. Even when you’ve dressed her in hooker animal prints.

    I don’t remember ever being hard to wake up, and I think it’s always because I’m worried about missing out on things. This is true even as an adult when I go on vacation with my friends. Clearly, you need to give Claire an incentive to wake up. I vote that you start waking Mae and Luca minutes before Claire and then sending them downstairs to eat cupcakes, making sure that there will be none left by the time she gets out of bed.

  8. Sorry to hear about the flipping out, but the image of Claire chasing your car, screaming and throwing shoes at it made me laugh. Kids are crazy.

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